Have you recently discovered that you have had violet in your aura? The colour of your aura can tell you a lot about yourself, at any one time.

Different colours of aura have different meanings relating to your energy and your ideal life paths.

If violet is seen in your aura, it is a sign of high spiritual potential, latent psychic power and strong emotional intelligence.

High Spiritual Attunement

Violet auras signify strong spiritual senses.

This hue connects with higher thinking and consciousness, a subject that they think about quite often.

Contemplating the universe and your place in it is something they do more often than most.

Violets tend to be deep thinkers, which often leads them to be introverted.

It’s not necessarily shyness that keeps a violet introverted, and they tend to look within themselves rather than discussing things with others.

For this reason, a violet aura is strongly linked with great intuition. Violets tend to follow their gut feelings, which guides them well.

Meditation comes far more efficiently with a violet aura, and lots of meditation can add violet into your aura.

Advanced meditation techniques require a lot of work to get into the right state of mind before they can be useful.

With a violet aura, a lot of that work is already done.

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Beyond that, a person with a violet aura can also raise the vibrations of others during meditation or rituals.

Latent Psychic Ability

A violet aura is also a sign of psychic talent, though not necessarily psychic abilities.

Though most violets do not have psychic abilities, this is because they have not developed them.

The talent is there, though, so anyone with a violet aura who tries to develop these psychic abilities will be able to do so.

It also raises the ceiling on the abilities you can develop. While most people can learn a little bit of clairvoyance, violets will be able to go much further with this ability.

Strong Emotional Intelligence

A violet aura also speaks of strong emotional intelligence. Violets find it quite easy to tell what someone else is feeling.

They tend to react with kindness and empathy with almost everyone.

However, as violets tend to dislike shallow friendships, they also tend to have a few, very close friends.

For these friends, they find themselves being the person to turn to for a shoulder to cry on.

Violet Aura Life Paths

The life path of someone with a violet aura can be whatever they want it to be.

However, some paths lead to more fulfilling lives for the particular talents of a violet.

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Because of high spiritual attunement and the potential for psychic ability, many violets choose the route of spiritual healing.

This can take the form of being a guru, a medium or a psychic counsellor, to name a but a few.

But many who choose the healing route go into care work, medicine, counselling and teaching.

These professions make use of the violet’s high emotional intelligence and kindness to provide a benefit for people.

Others gravitate towards working with animals, and more still go into the creative arts where their ability to think profoundly and access emotion is particularly useful.

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