If you’ve recently discovered that you have an indigo aura, then you probably have a lot of questions.

Discovering the meaning of your aura can help you to understand better yourself, which in turn can help you find your most fulfilling life.

Indigos are highly intuitive, outspoken and intelligent people who draw their power from within.

Highly Intuitive

An indigo aura indicates that you trust yourself to get things right.

You tend to follow your instincts, preferring that to stop and thinking about every decision. Fortunately, listening to your intuition has paid dividends.

Indigos often seem mysterious to others because of this intuition-driven behaviour.

While others debate what to do next, you already know what needs to be done.

This certainty comes from being sure of yourself. However, in overwhelming situations in which you become unsure of yourself, you shut down completely.

Highly Intelligent

An indigo aura is also the sign of a highly intelligent mind.

From a young age, you have found that you outperform others around you at new tasks. Indigos tend to find their talents early on.

Unfortunately, the education systems many of us grow up in are not well suited for indigos.

You did not like to show your working or take notes, and teachers just assumed you were lazy.

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If you had the right teachers, however, you excelled in their classes.

Moral & Outspoken

An indigo aura indicates someone who has a powerful sense of morality and justice and will not be kept quiet in the face of injustice.

While others might decide that it is not their place to intervene, you will say what you know needs to be heard when someone is acting poorly.

This can lead to difficulties in friendships and relationships, as you have a high standard for how others should behave.

Indigo Aura Life Paths

Intelligence, confidence and intuition are all very important for any path you decide to take.

Few pursuits don’t take advantage of these traits, so finding your life path is more about avoiding areas of weakness.

Indigos tend to do better with being their boss.

It’s not that you are a natural leader, though you might be. It’s more about doing things your way with accountability only to yourself.

You tend to struggle as part of a team as you feel forced to take someone else’s direction despite your gut telling you something different.

However, if allowed some freedom, you have a lot to offer.

Indigos like to forge their path, and this leads to highly creative and sometimes revolutionary ideas.

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This can be a positive or a negative, depending on the situation.

You will struggle to do menial work or any work that doesn’t push you creatively and intellectually, but in the right job, your work could be world-changing.

A great life path for indigos is in the non-profit sector, where a lack of funding means that people who can think outside the box and come up with creative solutions to difficult problems are highly valued.

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