White aura meaning? A question a lot of people ask. A white aura signifies someone pure of heart and intention who holds themselves to the highest standard of morality.

It is also an aura of protection and healing, offering protection from negative energy just by its presence.

They are among the most special types and are very rare indeed.

White Aura Meaning

If you or someone you know has one, here is what it means:

White Aura: Pure Of Heart & Intention

The most common white auras belong to infants.White Aura Meaning - Someone with white aura

Most babies are born with this type of energy field, signifying their purity and innocence.

We all naturally lose them as we live in the world; the experience of living colors our auras.

Some adults do have one, though.

To be an adult with this type of aura is to be pure in your intentions.

You always put the needs of others before your own and hold yourself and others to a very high moral standard.

White Aura: Protection From Negative Energy

The white aura protects from negative energy and provides healing for those tainted by it.

It does this in a different way to most healing.

Rather than ridding you of negative energy, the presence of someone with this type reflects negative energy away from the area.

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Having a white aura makes you uniquely valuable to a friendship group or family.

Just by their mere presence, they can protect the whole group from the adverse effects of negative energy.

For this reason, social care workers and other healing professions are perfect for this type of energy, fulfilling their need for social interaction and for doing good for others.

Vulnerable To Deceit

Unfortunately, there are downsides to this unique aura.

Purity often comes with naivety. The strong sense of empathy that belongs to the white aura is not the same as belongs to Empaths.

While Empaths can easily see through lies, manipulation, and deceit, the naivety of someone with this type often shows through and leaves them vulnerable to negative energy.

Ironically, the aura most able to protect others from negative energy has a lot of trouble protecting itself.

Community is important here. To protect your energy field from negative energy, you will need to maintain good spiritual health.

It helps you to also surround yourself with those whose talents cover your weaknesses.

Lifting Those Around You

If you have this color, you are the type of person who makes people want to be better.

Watching you set a good example drives others to be better people, eager to follow in your footsteps and be a positive influence on the world.

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However, you need to ensure that you aren’t high-roading people.

It’s easy to push people away by making them feel guilty about who they are, or from excessive criticism.

The white aura person needs to recognize that their state of purity is not usual.

These individuals should value patience in themselves when other people don’t live up to their high moral standard.

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