Is it possible to feel drawn to someone you’ve never met? Why are you feeling that way? Are you losing your senses or is it something else?

Why do you want to see that person again and again? Why does that person seem so familiar? This article would answer all your questions.

We are living in a world of technology. Every day, we have a glimpse of many souls that we might not ever meet in our real life. On television, on the internet, we are connected in a web.

We can look into the mind of a person through his writing or can tell about the individual’s personality by looking at their YouTube video.

There are many ways to connect with other people and the connection is not necessarily dual sided always.

Are You Feeling Drawn To Someone You’ve Never Met?

Your soul remembers the faces from the past. It has all the memories, but your mind requires reaching a particular level to absorb that information.

Usually, when your soul recognises a person from your past, it signals your mind. You start to feel drawn towards that person because your soul wants to know about him more and more.

The nature of the relationship you two also had mattered. You feel strong association when you were close friends, lovers, spouse, siblings, etc. in the past life.

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The closeness of that person in the last lives would set the intensity of how much you will feel drawn towards him.

The past life connection is the main reason that makes you fall for anyone without even meeting. It could be any person on the television or social media.

You feel drawn; you want to see them again and again. Different signs will help you to know whether you have found someone from your past life on the TV or internet:

The sense of familiarity:

In a first glance, you get the feeling that you know that person. Even though the person is living on another continent, and there’s no chance you have ever met them. You feel that you have known them for ages.

The Sense of Calmness:

You feel a strange sense of calmness whenever you see that person. Your world seems to pause, and you feel great.

You Feel the Pain:

Mostly, lives of the people, who appear in media, are like an open book. People could quickly know what is going on in their lives. When you have a past life connection, you start to feel their pain.

Once I read the experience of one such lady; she said that she had started to cry like a kid when she heard the news of the death of that person’s father. The bond feels that strong that you couldn’t resist your emotions.

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Being on your mind always:

You cannot forget that person, never! They will remain on your mind; unless you learn to control your feelings.

The connection baffles you. You are unable to understand why you feel that way and your mind also wants the answer.

You want to know more:

You don’t wish to stop at whatever you know about them. You want to know more. As your soul knows them, it wants to know how well they are doing in life.

You will use any means you can use to know about them.