Are you drawn to someone like a magnet? Even though you don’t like the looks or personality; there are so many things that you don’t like, but still, you feel attracted.

You want to know about them more. You have an uneasy feeling when they are around. If you feel that way for someone, then you are not alone.

Many people are going through the same thing.

So what does it mean? The experts say that it is: “Love at first sight”.

People who have experienced this, say that they fell in love with someone from the moment they saw them.

They don’t even know how or why they started falling for them. They just could not stop thinking about them; even if the person was rude, arrogant, insensitive.

They didn’t care. Something about them attracted the person to fall in love with them.

You feel like you are going to faint when they talk to you or smile at you. You get butterflies when they stare into your eyes; even if it is for a short time.

That attraction gets stronger every minute you are in their presence.

What is that feeling? You feel safe with them, even though they could harm you mentally or physically; something inside tells you that everything will be ok.

You start thinking about them at odd hours of the day. Your mind wanders to think about what they are doing at that moment, and how great it would be to be with them.

You start imagining what your life would be like if you were with that person. You dream about it and think how great things could really be with that person.

What is it? Does someone have a potion or magic spell on you? It feels like love at first sight, but what is the truth behind it?

Signs You Are Drawn To Someone Like A Magnet

When you are attracted towards someone, you are curious and feel many emotions:

  • Urge to talk: You want to talk to them no matter how shy you are.
  • Want to Know Them: You find ways to know more about them; you stalk them, search them on social networks, ask others about them, and so much more.
  • The sense of Uneasiness: It seems like your soul is under continuous stress; it doesn’t find peace anywhere because of that magnetic pull.
  • Always on your Mind: They conquer your mind. No matter what you do, you tend to think about them.
  • Feeling of Long Knowings: You feel like you know them for ages; the sense of familiarity baffles you because you are meeting them for the first time.

Are You Feeling Drawn To Someone You’ve Never Met?

Even though you have never met them before, but you have this feeling.

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The magnetic pull is so strong that it makes you uncomfortable unless you manage to be with that person.

In this kind of attraction, your mind doesn’t even provide you time to analyze what you like and what not.

Why Do I Feel A Pull Towards Them?

There are many reasons why you feel magnetically attractive towards them.

This irresistible pull is because of your soul.

You feel a pull towards him because of:

Soul Level Agreements:

In the spiritual realm, your soul makes agreements with other souls to perform different tasks in the upcoming life.

When these souls appear in your life, you are struck with the sense of profound recognition, and thus you feel attracted.

Souls know each other as they are infinite and immortal and have wisdom beyond our minds.

Past Life Connections:

When someone from your past life appears in the present life, your soul knows them and makes you want to know more about them.

Souls like I said are smarter than our minds. They are immortal and know each other since the beginning of time.

They have many ways to contact each other. It could be as simple as seeing a picture of them or meeting someone who look exactly like them.

You don’t remember because your mind is not capable enough to hold something that big; it would go mad if it remembered everything.

Your soul is much wiser than your mind; it connects with those people to make you feel the connection.

Soul Mates:

When we are born, our souls don’t come alone. They have partners who come from different soul families, but they work for the same goals.

The ones that show up in your life are the ones you have worked with in past lives.

They come to help you with your evolutionary process, and if they can’t do it, they will be there to guide you towards other people who can help you.

When those souls appear in this lifetime, your soul recognizes them and immediately feels a pull towards them.

Soul Attraction:

There are souls that you meet for the first time in any life, but your soul finds them attractive. It is because you belong to the same soul group.

Your soul’s affinity is due to the similarities you two have. It’s like meeting someone from your own town in the strange city.

You feel like you know them.

As I said earlier, soul is wise and always looks for the best solution. It brings us people who can help us to learn more lessons and grow further.

Soul Purpose:

In each life your soul has a purpose or missions which it performs with all its partners (soul family).

When someone from your soul group appears in your life, you feel connected because the soul purpose is to connect with them.

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The soul group can have thousands of members.

When all these souls come together and start working towards a common goal, it is called Soul Purpose or Soul Mission.

Your soulmates are just like magnets; they attract each other when ever they meet.

They are judged by the soul level, past life connections, and also their purpose in this lifetime.

This is how your soul chooses who will be attracted to whom for a specific reason.

Same Vibrational Energy:

If a person radiates the same vibrational energy as yours, they will feel attractive to you.

It is because, in their presence, you can balance your own energy levels to learn more and grow.

This is not the same as attraction in a romantic sense, so it is important to differentiate between the two.

Karmic Relationships:

Some relationships are there to teach you valuable life lessons.

You feel attracted towards him because you need to learn something useful from him.

Karmic relationships are not always happy ties, often it could be that this person took your life, life after life.

It is very important to mend these cycles unless you want to keep repeating this over and over.

Sometimes you actually feel the attraction but what you need to do is forgive these people for their past life crimes against you and move on.

When You Feel Attracted To Someone Do They Feel It Too?

Well, the answer could be a yes or a no! It depends on many factors.

As mentioned above, many reasons make you feel attracted towards them.

When the attraction is present on the soul level, it is always mutual like the soul agreements, past life connection, etc.

But when the attraction is superficial, then there’s a chance that it is one-sided.

To know whether a person is also attracted towards you, you need to see some signs.

Like the way they talk or behave in front of you. Your own judgment will provide you with the answer.


When you have a strong attraction to someone, it is very possiable that they are a soul connection of some kind.

You may not be aware of this until that person enters into your life and provides the guidance or assistance that you need on your journey.

While we can’t control who walks through our door, there are ways for us to create opportunities where we will meet them!

One way is by being open minded when meeting new people in social settings like yoga classes, meditation sessions, local events etc.

It is also ourresponsiability to listen to what your heart and soul tell you in navigating what to do with such a connection.