Cutting energetic cords can be a profoundly healing and freeing experience. However, the process of releasing old attachments and patterns often brings up intense emotions and even physical sensations as the energy shifts. This is completely normal, albeit uncomfortable at times. By understanding common symptoms after cord cutting, you can navigate this transitionary period with more ease and grace.

Why Symptoms Happen After Cutting Cords

When you cut an energetic cord, you sever a channel along which you have been either giving or receiving energy from another person, place, or thing. This cord may have been draining, toxic, or simply out of alignment with your highest good. As you cut it, energy that has been flowing through that conduit gets backed up and has nowhere to go, like a dammed river.

This stuck energy manifests in different ways as your system works to clear it out and re-establish equilibrium. You may feel extra tired, emotional, anxious, or experience flu-like symptoms. Headaches, digestive issues, vivid dreams, and even muscle soreness can occur as dense energies release. Know that while uncomfortable, these symptoms after cord cutting are productive signs that healing is taking place.

Common Symptoms After Cutting Cords And What To Do

Here are some of the most frequent symptoms reported after cord cutting sessions along with tips for relieving them:

1. Fatigue

Feeling drained, sleepy, or weary is very common after cutting cords. Your body uses a lot of energy to process old emotions, memories, and belief systems that get stirred up. Be extra gentle with yourself and allow more rest. Cancel non-essential obligations if possible. Take naps, go to bed early, and give your nervous system plenty of downtime.

2. Emotional Upheaval

Releasing longstanding energetic attachments can trigger upsurges of anger, sadness, anxiety, guilt, or grief. You may replay old scenes in your mind or have intense dreams as unprocessed emotions surface. These feelings may seem disproportionate to current circumstances.

Let the tears flow, vent to a trusted friend, or journal to help ease this emotional torrent. Remind yourself regularly that this too shall pass. Difficult feelings are coming up for healing and to reveal inner peace.

3. Headaches And Body Aches

Cord cutting often elicits aches and pains as blocked energy releases and circulates through physical pathways. Drink plenty of water, take healing baths with Epsom salts or essential oils, and give yourself massages to help ease bodily discomfort. Gentle yoga, acupuncture, Tapping, or other modalities can also help.

4. Changes In Sleep And Dreaming

You may sleep heavily, wake up frequently, or have intense dreams after cutting cords as your energy field resets. Keep a dream journal by your bed, avoid screens before bedtime, and establish a calming pre-sleep routine. If sleep disruptions persist beyond a few days, seek support. Getting enough rest is critical integration process.

5. Digestive Discomfort

Releasing dense emotional and energetic blockages can manifest as physical sensations in the gut including nausea, cramping, bloating, or loose stools as toxins clear. Be gentle with your diet by avoiding inflammatory foods. Take probiotics, drink ginger or mint tea, practice belly massage, and give your digestive system tender loving care.

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6. Mental Fog And Forgetfulness

You may experience brain fog, confusion, spaciness, or forgetfulness after cutting attachments. Your mind is recalibrating, so don’t worry! Make lists, keep things simple, avoid overscheduling, and give yourself plenty of buffer time for mental integration. Stay hydrated and get plenty of fresh air.

7. Feelings Of Loneliness Or Isolation

As you shed old cords, you may temporarily feel disconnected, abandoned, or lonely even around loved ones. Remind yourself this is part of the process. Reach out to supportive friends, get out in nature, meditate on feeling grounded and whole within yourself. Soon you will relate to others from a clearer, more authentic space.

How Long Do Symptoms Last After Cutting Cords?

There is no set timeframe for how long symptoms persist after cutting energetic attachments. It varies widely based on factors like how toxic or longstanding the cords were, how many you cut at once, your personal health, and innate sensitivity. In general, acute symptoms tend to subside within 1-2 weeks but can last up to 6 weeks in some cases.

Trust that your system knows how to return to balance. Support the release process with plenty of self-care. If symptoms concern you or linger longer than 2 months, seek help from a qualified energy practitioner.

Self-Care Tips For Navigating Symptoms After Cord Cutting

Here are some suggested ways to help ease symptoms as you adjust to life after cutting cords:

  • Get plenty of rest and relaxation. Cancel non-essentials and take naps if needed.
  • Spend time in nature and practice grounding techniques like walking barefoot, hugging trees, or lying on the earth.
  • Drink lots of water and herbal teas. Eat light, nutritious whole foods.
  • Take healing baths with Epsom salts, essential oils, or sea salt.
  • Get therapeutic massages and bodywork treatments to help release stuck energy.
  • Practice emotional release techniques like journaling, therapy, support groups.
  • Try energy medicine modalities like acupuncture, reiki, Tapping, or craniosacral therapy.
  • Limit media consumption and news exposure to avoid overstimulation.
  • Play uplifting music, watch comedy specials, read inspirational books.
  • Spend time with supportive loved ones who “get it”.
  • Remind yourself symptoms are temporary – this too shall pass!

When To Seek Extra Support After Cutting Cords

While most symptoms after cord cutting will resolve given sufficient self-care and time, it’s wise seek additional support if:

  • Acute symptoms last over 6 weeks without improvement
  • You experience persistent feelings of detachment, instability or confusion
  • Physical symptoms are highly disruptive to work, relationships or basic functioning
  • You have recurrent thoughts of self-harm or harming others
  • Mental health conditions like anxiety, depression or addiction issues are exacerbated
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Some practitioners who can help include energy healers, bodyworkers, therapists, coaches, doctors, and clergy. Having someone objective to talk to can be invaluable for processing intense emotions that arise post cord-cutting. Don’t hesitate to reach out for help or reassurance that you are on the path of integration and wholeness.

Returning To Equilibrium After Cutting Cords

While symptoms after cutting cords can feel disruptive and unpleasant, they signal productive healing underway. With understanding, patience and self-care, this transitional period will pass, leaving you feeling refreshed, vibrant and free.

When released from draining energetic attachments, your natural state of alignment returns. You relate to life from greater authenticity and sovereignty, no longer giving power away or taking on other’s “stuff”. Clarity emerges, along with renewed purpose and passion.

While the adjustment period differs for everyone, know that your body and spirit innately know how to return to equilibrium once cords are cut. You may be surprised how different you look, act and feel on the other side – in a wonderfully positive way!

Common Questions About Symptoms After Cutting Cords

Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about symptoms after cutting cords:

How long do symptoms last after cord cutting?

  • Symptoms typically last 1-2 weeks but can persist up to 6 weeks in some cases depending on factors like the number/type of cords cut, personal health, and innate sensitivity.

Why do symptoms happen?

  • Releasing long-held energetic attachments causes a temporary back-up of energy in the body. As this dense energy circulates out, you may experience flu-like symptoms, emotional upheavals, vivid dreams, etc.

Is it normal to feel sad/angry/anxious after cutting cords?

  • Yes! Releasing old attachments often triggers emotions to surface for healing. Feeling extra tired, weepy, angry, worried, or lonely is very common initially. These feelings will pass.

How can I relieve symptoms after cord cutting?

  • Be gentle with yourself! Rest, hydrate, reduce commitments, get therapeutic bodywork, do emotional processing, try energy healing modalities, connect with supportive community. This too shall pass!

When should I be concerned about symptoms and seek help?

  • If acute symptoms last over 6 weeks, are highly disruptive to daily life, mental health conditions worsen, or you have thoughts of self-harm, reach out for support from qualified practitioners.

What’s the benefit of cutting cords if it makes me feel bad temporarily?

  • Short term discomfort is well worth freeing yourself from long term energetic drain, toxicity, manipulation or entanglements! In time symptoms resolve and equilibrium returns at a higher level.

In Conclusion

Unpleasant symptoms after cutting cords are temporary signposts along the path of profound healing. By understanding common symptoms and how to mitigate them through self-care and community support, you can navigate this transitionary period with more ease. In time, symptoms subside, leaving you feeling refreshed, vibrant and authentically yourself in relationships and life!