Cord cutting is an essential part of maintaining your spiritual health, but there are some symptoms and side effects that you can experience afterwards.

Some are good, some are bad – all are temporary.

Before you go ahead and clear out your connections, make sure you are aware of the following symptoms that might occur after cord cutting.

1. Energetic Shift

The first and most common symptom after a cord cutting ritual is a drastic energetic shift.

This can go either way. You might feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders, with a whole new spring in your step and an all-body buzz. Or you might feel drained, tired and exhausted.

What you are experiencing here is your body lagging behind your new energetic state.

Severing a connection changes the energy flow through your body. Your body is used to a certain baseline of energies, and changing that can throw you off.

You can induce a more positive energetic shift by properly cleansing before and after a cord cutting ritual – though sometimes it is unavoidable, especially if the cord that you cut was of high, intense energy.

2. Nostalgia For The Soul Who Was Cut

When you decide to cut a cord with someone, it’s generally because they are hurting you and your life.

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It is clear for you at that moment that you must cut the cord and end the connection.

But once it is and you are no longer receiving all of that negative energy, you can become suddenly nostalgic for that connection.

You will remember the good times you had together way more than the bad ones – even if the bad times far outnumbered the good!

It is one of the leading causes of failure in cord cutting rituals, and it happens after the fact.

People seek to reconnect with those they have severed themselves from because the negative energy they once received is no longer affecting them.

Remember that you cut the cord for a reason!

3. Heartache

It seems silly to be heartbroken over the removal of negative energy in your life, but that doesn’t stop you feeling that way.

You are a kind, loving person and your heart wants to be as connected as possible.

So when a connection is severed, you have to pay a little heartache.

This is a good thing. Not for you right now, but for humanity, in general, it works out for the best. It should be painful to sever a connection; else we might do so too flippantly.

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The best thing you can do to alleviate this symptom is to go out and make more connections with kind, loving people.

Look after your heart, and it will look after you.

Effects of Cutting May Vary!

Symptoms and side effects after cord cutting vary from person to person and generally depend on both the cutter and the one cutaway and their unique connection.

So don’t worry if you experience something different!

Remember that these symptoms will go away with time as your soul heals the old connection. Give it time, and you will recover.

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