Whenever you meet someone or interact with them for the first time, you create between the two of you an etheric cord.

Unfortunately, you will sometimes have to cut these etheric cords.

But what exactly are etheric cords, and what do we mean when we say they can be cut or severed?

The idea can seem a little abstract, so let’s take a deeper dive into what precisely etheric cord cutting means.

The Nature Of Etheric Cords

We should begin with what etheric cords are.

They are the connections that link connected souls through the astral plane. They are pure cosmic energy, drawn from the two connected souls.

These connections are continuously used, from the most straightforward interactions to the most profound love relationships. They are how we communicate when words won’t do the job.

When we say that people on Earth connect with cosmic energy, we are talking about the vast network of etheric cord connections that spans the Earth.

Are Etheric Cords Always Good?

In principle, etheric cord connections are supposed to be good. Through them, we experience things like love, compassion, oneness and empathy.

But in reality, etheric cords are just a tool we have. Like any tool, they can be used for good or for ill.

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Most of the time they provide a net benefit to us. But sometimes you will develop an etheric cord connection that brings you nothing but pain, misery and anxiety.

These cords need cutting.

So What Is Etheric Cord Cutting?

Etheric cord cutting is the act of severing an etheric cord connection to stop receiving negative energies from the person you are connected to.

It involves removing them from your soul, life and heart. For that reason, it should always be a last resort. Removing love from the world should never be plan A.

There are cord cutting rituals that you can perform from home.

During this ritual, you will unlink your end of the cord from your heart chakra. When this happens, you will stop receiving energy from them – and they will stop receiving energy from you.

When To Use Etheric Cord Cutting

Etheric cord-cutting should be used when you have a cord connection with a negative energy being.

This is any connection you have with someone where it feels like they are leeching your energy, rather than seeking that energy from the Source using techniques like cosmic meditation.

If there is someone in your life that continually criticises you, lets you down or makes you feel less worthy, then that person has become negative energy being in your life.

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That is exactly the kind of connection that etheric cord cutting was developed to tackle.

Etheric cord-cutting should be one of the rituals that you know how to perform, even as you hope that you never have to do it.

Our responsibility in this world is to spread love and light to those who need it most. As long as there is hope in your etheric cord connection, you should try to send love and light through it.

But as soon as you have reached a point where the cord does nothing but harm, it is time for you to cut that cord.

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