Sending heart energy is a great way to spread love to those around you, although it can also be used to increase the vibrations of humanity and spread love and light all around the globe.

Of course, you aren’t going to heal the world the first time you do it, but everybody has to start somewhere, and even the most simple attempts can make a real positive change for you and someone you know.

If you already know all about the purpose and meaning and want to know how to send heart energy, scroll down for a guided meditation to do just that.  Otherwise:

Sending Heart Energy Meaning

What do we mean when we are talking about sending heart energy to others?

In essence, it means opening and maintaining spiritual connections to transfer love, happiness, and positivity to another person.

This will evoke feelings of love and being loved in the person you are sending it to.

The energy you send will have your own “signature” attached. Think of it like a fingerprint that you can sense intuitively, so you know where external energy is coming from.

Because of this, you can use this technique to provide comfort to a long distance partner or relative.

They will be able to feel that you love them, and it will fill them with the same feelings for you – and most importantly for themselves!

Of course, they have to accept this energy for it to work correctly. However, even the unreceptive will still see some effect as it interacts with the recipient even for a moment.

Purpose Of Sending Heart Energy

The purpose of this is not strictly defined as only one thing. In other words, there are plenty of reasons you might want to do this.

As mentioned, it can be an excellent tool for maintaining emotional closeness in long distance relationships – no matter their nature.

It could be a romantic partner, or it could be a close member of your family who you no longer live near.

Another vital purpose is supporting those that are in need.

When someone goes through a tragedy or loss, or a period of depression and grief, they need support from others.

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At this time, sending love energy to them will help them to deal with these feeling as it will make them feel supported and loved.

It can give them the strength to deal with their own feelings as being loved makes you feel safe and protected.

This is sorely needed when you feel like the universe is out to get you, as we often do when tragedy befalls us.

When you have just met someone, you can also use this technique to help accelerate a relationship.

Again, they have to be receptive. You can’t use this technique to force someone into falling in love with you, but you can use it to bring existing feelings to the fore.

It is excellent for building closeness and intimacy, so in the early days of a relationship, it can be efficient and useful.

However, beware doing it too much as you don’t want to scare them away by bombarding them day and night – even if you are bombarding them with love.

How To Send Heart Energy: Step-By-Step Guide

Okay – so you know what heart energy is and why you would want to send it – now all you need to know is how!

The process is quite simple, but you will have to practice to master it.

Follow these steps, make changes as your intuition tells you, and repeat them as many times as you have the stamina for:

Step 1: Prepare Your Space

As with all meditation-based techniques, the process begins with the space you inhabit.

You will need a “sacred space,” which is a room that you can go to where you will not be disturbed, that you keep free of negative energies and that you associate with peace, balance, and safety.

If you need to cleanse the space, then do so with sage, lemon scents and oils, and a blotting or smudging procedure.

Step 2: Begin By Focusing On Your Heart

Sit down in a comfortable position, as upright as you can without straining your back or leg muscles.

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Clear your mind, allowing the burdens of the day to pass before your eyes without assessment.

The idea is to let the thoughts that plague you “be” for a second so that you can release them.

As your mind clears, bring your focus up to your chest and on to your heart.

If you are having trouble focussing, find your pulse, and concentrate on its rhythmic beat. As you do, you should start to feel your heart in your chest.

Step 3: Visualise Your Loved One

Now, visualize the person you are sending love. It’s okay to pick an idealized image, as long as the love you feel for them is genuine.

Try to feel their energy, the feeling of being around them. Focus it on to your heart and allow it to build.

Your heart may begin to race at this point.

Step 4: Fill Yourself With Love

Next, you need to embody the feeling of love.

It isn’t the easiest of tasks at all times, so it is best to do this when you are feeling particularly loving.

Visualize the people and places you love. Allow the energy to build in your chest, emanating from your heart chakra and spreading through you – from toes to fingertips.

If you can’t feel love, you won’t be able to send it. If this is the case, you may need to work on that before trying again.

Step 5: Send Heart Energy To Your Loved One

With everything in place and your heart ready to burst, you need only release.

As you do, feel the energy leaving your chest and arcing out into the abyss, on a path towards your loved one. Smile wide.

Visualize the moments that you have spent together that made you feel the most love for them. Try to get the details right.

And once you feel your mind drifting back to reality, release entirely and pat yourself on the back for spreading love into the world.

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