Energy cords connect us with the people we love, care about and connect with – in fact, we form an energy cord connection with almost everyone we meet.

Energy cords between soulmates are a bit different. They are stronger, we are born with them, and they have a much larger influence on our spiritual wellbeing.

You should know all about energy cords between soulmates. Knowing how to use and heal these connections will help your relationships grow stronger.

Soulmates Are Born Connected

Contrary to popular belief, we have more than one soulmate.

Our soulmates are our most closely related souls and include our twin flame and false twin flame.

The connection we share with our soulmates binds us together over our lifetimes – even many lifetimes, through reincarnation.

It means that we are born connected. It isn’t the only way the soulmate connection differs from other energy cord connections.

Soulmate Energy Cord Healing

The nature of the energy cords between soulmates leans far more towards healing than most connections.

The primary purpose of most soulmate relationships is the healing of old wounds.

Therefore, these soulmate energy cords tend to spark periods of self-improvement, particularly in the healing of the trauma of past relationships, if any exist.

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This is possible because of the power of the soulmate energy cord. But such a strong cord connection has its downsides.

Intensity Between Soulmates

The high energy flow of soulmate energy cords means a lot of transfer of emotions, leading soulmates to have tumultuous relationships.

With both partners dealing with the emotional energy of two people, arguments happen at the flip of a switch.

It is an avenue to healing, as both of you have an opportunity to improve when your flaws are uncovered.

Though you might argue less in non-soulmate relationships, you also evolve less as a person. That’s why you can feel like you’re “going nowhere” with non-soulmate partners.

However, while some soulmate relationships last a lifetime, many do not. Some relationships are too tumultuous, or you might want different things.

The intensity of a soulmate energy cord connection can be too much for some people, and they need to break off the relationship.

Can Soulmate Energy Cords Be Broken?

Even after breaking up with a soulmate, your energy cords will still be attached.

If unchecked it can lead to the two of you getting hung up on each other, prolonging a break up that would be better done quickly.

In some cases, it might be worth it to cut soulmate energy cords.

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Doing this isn’t an easy process, as the connections are so strong, but with perseverance ,a cord cutting ritual could be performed.

But in most cases, these connections are worth keeping.

With physical and emotional distance, the spiritual benefits of maintaining a soulmate energy cord outweigh the negative.

For this reason, you should try to avoid cutting soulmate energy cords unless it becomes too much for you to keep them.

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