Life is all about forming relationships. Through them, we experience the greatest feelings of all – love, companionship, kindness and kinship.

But when we develop a toxic relationship, we need to deal with it by cutting cords.

Severing ties with a toxic person is necessary, but it can be difficult.

To help you through this challenging time, here’s everything you need to know about cutting cords to toxic relationships.

How To Identify A Toxic Relationship

Toxic relationships are relationships that poison your aura with negativity and hostility.

Common signs of a toxic relationship include controlling behaviour, excessive jealousy, constant hostility and deception.

It can be difficult to see that you are in a toxic relationship while you are in it, but often those around us spot the signs before we do.

If people are telling you that you are in a toxic relationship – with a partner, or with a friend or family member – then you should give serious thought to it.

Why Cut The Cord To Toxic Relationships?

If it were as simple to remove a toxic relationship from your life as merely breaking it off, cord cutting would not be useful.

The reason people find the process of cutting cords useful is the final removal of the negative energy source that plagues them.

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When you are connected to someone via an etheric cord, their energy seeps into you and vice versa.

Without cutting cords, you will have this energy pollution for the rest of your days.

Besides, the act of cutting an etheric cord to a toxic relationship is very easy.

Bringing yourself to do it might be a different story.

Many People Don’t Cut Toxic Cords

The sad thing is, so many people live their lives with this toxicity infecting their aura.

Good, kind people never want to give up hope that a toxic, negative energy person can be fixed.

And they’re right. They can be fixed. But it is their responsibility to fix themselves, not your responsibility to fix them.

Unless of course, you caused all their pain and they are misbehaving because of you, but that is a whole another story.

Cutting etheric cords with anyone can seem callous, especially if it is or was a close relationship.

It is feelings like these that provide opportunities for negative energy beings to sap cosmic energy from us.

While those feelings come from a place of empathy and kindness, they do not do anyone any to.

Cutting The Cord Is Good For You… And Them!

In the case of a toxic relationship, cutting the cord is in everybody’s best interest.

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For you, removing this energy sap and putting yourself first is absolutely in your best interest. That much is clear.

But for the person you are severing from your life, this could be a healing experience too.

You cutting the cord with them may well be the last little shove they need in order to take a long hard look at who they are and how they behave.

It provides them with an opportunity for growth, even as it sets you free.

But you shouldn’t worry about that, or think about it at all. Only when you have completely erased them from your mind and heart can you truly say you have cut that toxic cord.

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