We desire relationships that fill our lives with happiness and provide us with a feeling of security and inner peace.

Humans crave love and affection, but if a cruel tide of unhealthy relationships sweeps away their trust and confidence, scepticism will take hold of their lives.

This cynicism in people and relationships obstructs their ability to truly love the other person.

However, every relationship has exacting standards; otherwise, it loses its shine and vigour.

The characteristics of a good relationship are exemplary for all sorts of people and lead them towards a better life.

Individual happiness over codependency

Partners in a healthy relationship understand that their partner isn’t the source of all their happiness.

They can acquire happiness from inside them.

They can indulge in their passions, ambitions and find happiness in their pursuits.

When you’re in a relationship, one mistake you frequently make is that you become over-reliant on your partner. You expect them to make you happy.

We forget that relationships are a selfless affair.

Love doesn’t demand anything. It doesn’t have any terms and conditions.

Your lover can have astounding levels of empathy, but they are only human.

You can’t always expect them to shower your life with joy.

Sometimes, you have to be their source of pleasure as well, and you can only do that if you set on your path towards fulfilment.

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Giving the freedom to grow

Controlling behavior is the ultimate destroyer of all relationships.

Instead of constricting your lover’s freedom, you should strive to give them the necessary personal space to grow.

You should encourage them to develop both emotionally, metaphysically and physically so that they can understand themselves better.

This will only strengthen the bond between you two and bring you closer to each other.

Don’t force them to change. It’ll only dwarf their ability to love you.

Clearing the air

If you have misunderstanding or conflicts, don’t hold them in.

Communicate, fight but resolve them instead of suppressing them and letting them spread like venom.

They will eat up your insides and weaken the love between you and your partner.

See this misunderstanding as a means to grow. See it as a culmination towards getting stronger together and building your love.

Every relationship has its disagreements and fights, they’re inevitable.

What matters is how you tackle these disagreements.

Prioritising love

Love is a priority; it’s never a second choice. If you can find time for work and other things, you can find time for your partner.

It’s as simple as that. You can never expect the relationship to grow if you don’t water it.

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If you don’t spend quality time with your partner and make them feel loved, then your relationship is futile and is headed towards imminent collapse.

You can make countless excuses and try to justify your absence, but it’s not going to change the fact that your relationship is wilting.

Allowing Love To Lead Your Head

Next time you decide to put a loved one second and decide to do extra work and spend time away. Stop and take a step back and choose your partner and stay with them and connect instead.

Do it in front of them, show them that they matter. Let love be your guide to getting the characteristics of a good relationship for yourself and your partner.