The signs of an emotionally unavailable woman are not entirely as well known as they are for men.

It is usually the man who is more likely to be distant or withholding in a relationship.

But women have the same problems, too.

If you are considering dating a woman, here are the signs you need to look out for to avoid the emotionally unavailable ones.

1. She Can’t Express Herself Emotionally

Some women are not confident enough to express themselves.

Developing a healthy relationship with your feelings is a core part of childhood, but sometimes, this development is stunted.

It often happens when children are punished for expressing themselves as they learn to associate their feelings with pain.

It could also be an articulation problem. Your lady might have difficulty putting her emotions into words because she lacks the practice.

2. She Only Likes The Idea Of You

The difference between the real you and the idea of you scares her.

She wants to be able to hang off your arm and be the girl with a boyfriend, but she doesn’t want to do the nitty gritty of actually being together.

If she gets to know you, then she will have to share her inner self, too.

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Some women would prefer to run away than do that.

3. She Fears Vulnerability

Let’s face it; relationships can end at the flip of a switch, and getting hurt is just one of those things that we have to accept will happen.

Some women are so afraid of being vulnerable to this that they would instead remain closed off and concentrated on themselves than risk further heartbreak.

4. She Gets Defensive

Emotionally unavailable women tend to get very defensive when challenged.

One reason for this is that she never wanted your input in the first place.

She is only interested in what she wants from the relationship, so you challenging her on anything is you treading on her toes.

5. She Is More Interested In Your Body Than Your Mind

It is a common belief that men are the ones obsessed with the physical side of the relationship, but it can just as well be women who act this way.

She might be distant with her feelings because she only sees you like someone to enjoy a tumble.

You have to decide whether you are okay with that or not – but if you are already concerned at her lack of sharing, likely, you won’t be for long.

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6. She Avoids Commitments

While it’s perfectly reasonable not to want to make commitments to someone early on in a relationship, some women avoid making commitments altogether!

She doesn’t like to plan times to see you, and when she does, she is flaky about it and shows up late or not at all.

She isn’t looking for someone to share her life with, but someone she can spend time with on her terms.

This kind of selfish behavior should be a red flag that makes you re-evaluate this relationship.

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