When a relationship begins, you are both in the same place at the same time.

Unfortunately, as time goes by couples can drift apart and find themselves in different places emotionally.

Feeling no emotional connection with your husband might feel like a desperate situation, but it is a common problem that can be solved – with a little work.

Here’s how you can reconnect emotionally with your husband:

Seek The Emotional Connection

You can’t diagnose a problem without first investigating it.

If the cause of your emotional disconnect from your husband is obvious to you, like cheating, deception or poor treatment, then this will be easy.

Otherwise, you will have to locate your connection with your husband by meditating on it.

Contemplate your relationship and experience your shared energy, noting without judgement the thoughts and feelings you have as you do.

Once you have a grasp on what the emotional disconnect is, you can start to fix it.

Express Your Emotions, But Calmly

For you to reconnect emotionally, you need to start communicating your feelings.

Everybody does this naturally, and often entirely unprompted. Unfortunately, it usually comes out in the form of an argument, or an accusation or snarky comment.

That is not a constructive way for two people to reconnect emotionally.

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A better way is to remain entirely calm and share your emotions without judgement.

It takes the two of you to cooperate, promising not to surrender to the emotions and hurt feelings.

You can tell your husband you are angry at him without doing so angrily, and he will be less defensive and more willing to solve the problem.

You must be receptive too. Emotional disconnects are rarely one-way, so you must be ready to hear some uncomfortable things.

Strengthen Marriage With Common Loves

The two of you didn’t get married because you have nothing in common.

Finding something that you both love and then doing it together is a surefire way of bringing some much-needed common ground for you.

It’s essential that there are strong emotions connected with what you are doing.

You might both enjoy arts and crafts, but it is unlikely that it is the closest thing to your heart.

However, putting together a family album or memory book could be.

When you work together with someone on something you care about, you feel a greater kinship with them.

This, in turn, makes it easier to connect with them emotionally, as you can more easily put yourself in their shoes.

Understanding Your Husband

That’s the key to it – seeing things from his perspective.

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Being emotionally disconnected from your husband can be a draining and depressing experience, but remember that it is likely the same for him.

In order to close the gap between you, you both need to see things from the other’s perspective.

If, after trying all this, things still haven’t improved – see a counsellor.

Couples counselling can help you to reconnect emotionally with your husband by giving you more tools to help strengthen your marriage.

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