When relationships begin, they are exciting, thrilling and novel. Unfortunately, whether due to problems or simply over time, this rarely lasts.

Uncared for, your relationship with your partner can become weaker and more distant.

In these cases, you may need to reconnect emotionally with your partner. Thankfully, it’s a problem as old as humanity, so there are plenty of things you can do.

Forgive Or Make Up For Any Bad Deeds

If your partner’s (or your) emotional distance is due to poor treatment or bad behaviour, this is the first thing that needs to be addressed.

Examples include cheating (physical and emotional), lying or deception, irresponsible behaviour like excessive drinking or gambling, and unfulfilled promises and commitments.

If you are the perpetrator, then you need to make a sincere apology. Talk to them about what you did and find out how to make up for it.

If you are the victim, then you need to find your ability to forgive or walk away if you can not.

Holding on to negative energy prevents old wounds from healing and makes life hell for you both. With wounds still open, your relationship will be unable to heal.

Connect Every Day

As your relationship matures, you and your partner will become less excited to spend time together.

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This is fine and normal. At the beginning of a relationship, we spend so much time together because we want to get to know each other.

By now, you probably know everything you need to know about your partner. Spending time with them becomes less important to you.

Of course, you don’t know everything about your partner.

You may have done a while ago when you were connecting all the time. But people are not static.

Your partner is different today than they were yesterday, in subtle ways.

Take time every day to spend some time alone together, doing nothing but talking and talking about nothing important.

Existing with each other apart keeps you connected in a way that feels more emotional than practical.

Reconnect The Physical Intimacy

Intimate and emotional connections are firmly linked, and neglecting one can harm the other.

You don’t necessarily need to be having more time doing it, but ensuring that you are both having the kind of intimate relationship that you need is one way of deepening emotional bonds.

Spend more time on it; do something a little bit differently, and (crucially) talk about it more!

If there’s one person in the world you need to feel comfortable talking to about your needs, it is your partner.

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Discover Something Together

We are curious creatures, humans. We love to learn new things and discover exciting ideas and concepts.

As we get older, we tend to learn less and less as it becomes less necessary for us.

But couples who exercise their minds together while learning about a subject they are both interested in will create a host of ways to strengthen their emotional connection.

For one, it gives you something to discuss and get excited about together. Reconnecting emotionally is all about refamiliarising yourselves with each other’s passions, fears and desires.

Get the spark going in both of your minds, and before long you will be entirely in tune.

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