How many romantic flares die down just because the girl can’t intercept a simple signal from the guy? Too many if you ask me.

Of course, asking a guy out aloud if he likes you is taboo in the female world. It’s tantamount to committing treachery to the female species.

So, is there another way to get into the male mind and make sure that it kindles with love for you?

Yes, all it requires is attention to detail and a keenness to delve into the male psyche.

Here are some subtle indicators of male interest that may help you find the answers you’re looking for.

Signs He is Secretly Attracted to You

He’s all Smiles around you

The big massive smiles that reveal the entirety of his jawline and alignment of teeth are an enormous giveaway. Most guys are complete fools. They’re too naïve or arrogant to realise that they have a crush on a girl.

When a guy is all chuckles and giggles around a girl, there’s a resounding possibility that he is subconsciously into her. Sometimes the burden of making him accept this romantic involvement falls on the shoulders of the girl.

He Maintains Eye Contact with You

Guys have so many things going on in their heads that they find it hard to concentrate on one single thing. They have football matches to worry about, video gaming, procrastinating and the list goes on.

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So, if he, despite all these distractions, sustains eye contact with you for long periods, it means that he has a crush on you.

If he finds it hard to take his eyes off you, it means that you arouse his interest. You make him curious. You fascinate him. Otherwise, he wouldn’t bother paying attention to anything that you have to say. Guys can be emotionally unavailable when they’re not interested.

The Shy Nervous Guy makes an Appearance

Ah, the nervous, fidgety guy! Acting like this is the quintessential male behaviour around a crush.

If a guy acts awkward and throws all these weird and lame jokes at you, he’s probably trying to impress you. Well, he’s working it “too hard”. But he’s still trying. And that can only mean one thing that he wants to grab your attention.

He wants to get close to You Physically

Does he always try to touch your hand or hug you or put his arm around your shoulders? This typically means that he’s secretly attracted to you.

Guys want physical closeness with their crushes because they crave for more than just emotional intimacy at times. They’re physical beings that derive more pleasure from warm embraces than warm words.

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He finds it hard to convey simple words

Guys who have a crush on girls always have a hard time communicating with them. They might be skilful orators in front of a massive crowd, but when it comes to their lovers, they’re just weak, trembling, hopeful creatures. They jumble their words, and their nerves go completely off-balance.

With time, he will get frank and comfortable around you. Don’t worry. He needs a little support from you to overcome his anxiety.