The Universe has already selected your true partner. You don’t know about it yet, but from your soul to the entire cosmos, everything knows about it.

Every matter that surrounds you wants you to be with your right partner. Universe has its own way of working.

Everything around you will work perfectly to lead you towards your cosmic marriage.

Cosmic marriage is the commitment that you have made in the spiritual realm. It is the marriage that has already been celebrated above and many times on earth, but you don’t remember it.

It is like being with the person for thousands of years before. It is the unbreakable bond that will take you to your original partner – the one you have chosen in the world above.

There’s a magnetic pull between you and your cosmic partner, and that power will always unite you with your true spouse.

You might be thinking that if that’s all true and, cosmos works to bring you the right partner then why are there so many failed marriages? Why do people end up divorced?

Why are there abusive relationships? Well, Universe knows a better way of doing things for the long term.

All the failed relationships in one or many lives are to teach important life lessons. Many people learn a lot in one life, while others might only understand one necessary life lesson in one life.

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So, it is compulsory to mould yourself positively before going for a cosmic connection. Every failed marriage provides a lesson that you shouldn’t repeat in your future life. That’s why there are so many unsuccessful marriages.

Cosmic marriage is a perfect marriage. It is free from many flaws. It is all because you have already learned from the past experiences.

A failed marriage provides the lesson about the following things:

  • How to make your partner strong
  • How to ignore and accept
  • How to create equilibrium in a relation
  • How to not make silly mistakes
  • How to build a trustworthy relationship

A cosmic marriage is very beautiful. It has everything a person might think of about a dream marriage.

It is like the royal wedding of prince and princess that everyone wishes for. There are many qualities:

  • You see your reflection in each other’s eyes
  • There is no insecurity of any kind
  • There’s complete trust in each other
  • It feels like that you have lived many lives together
  • The connection feels thousands of years old
  • The relation seems genuine from every perspective
  • There’s a will of making it a successful marriage at both ends
  • The connection is deep and not superficial
  • There are no lies and unfulfilled promises

A cosmic marriage has all the qualities of true love. It is free from all kinds of materialism.

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Both partners want to remain in the relationship forever and don’t want to quit.

Their willpower makes them neglect all the negative aspects of each other; thus, they live happily without burdening their hearts.