Having a magnetic personality might seem to most to be an innate character trait, something a person is born with or develops early.

But it is entirely possible to develop a magnetic personality with diligence and hard work.

The key is in developing your self-control and self-awareness to behave in a way that attracts others and spreads good in the world.

Be Sincere

To exude magnetism, you must be sincere with others – and with yourself.

Many people are willing to fake it until they make it, but they tend to end up feeling unfulfilled and making enemies along the way.

When you are sincere and honest with yourself, you are better able to address the flaws in your character that prevent you from being magnetic.

Be Considerate

Taking the time and mental effort to consider the needs and feelings of others before taking action or saying something will go a long way to helping you to become more magnetic.

A simple, considerate act can improve a person’s mood considerably, making them more likely to like you.

When you fail to be considerate, others will fail to be considerate of you.

But if you remember to be considerate, others will think of you as considerate – which is of very high value to most people.

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Be Peaceful

Anger is the enemy of magnetism, through confrontation is not necessarily a bad thing.

Confrontations do happen sometimes, and you should stand your ground when you believe yourself to be right.

But speaking in anger, using hateful language or in any way attacking the other person will not be of any use.

It is ego-driven behaviour, rather than deliberate behaviour.

It is easy to see the flaws in others. Much easier than it is to see our own.

When you spot the flaws of others, display your virtues. By setting an example for someone rather than attacking them, you offer them the chance to improve themselves.

And in doing so, you may have made a positive connection with someone.

Be Deliberate

In addition to keeping your language and actions peaceful, you should also be deliberate in other areas of your social life.

A magnetic personality requires thinking before speaking, a skill that is often sorely lacking.

We must remember that words, like actions, can have a real, tangible effect on the wellbeing of others.

When you speak, you must be sure you know the probable outcome of saying what you intend to say.

Be Loving

Lastly, real magnetism arises from living with love in your heart.

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When you feel love for everyone and everything you come across, no matter who or what they are, you become immediately magnetic.

People want to be around love – it’s human nature.

We must remember that we reap what we sow. When we sow love in our communities, with our friends and family, colleagues and teachers, acquaintances and strangers, we find that love returns to us wherever we go.

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