Girls are pretty good at hiding their feelings in an undisclosed location where guys are forbidden to venture into.

Most girls have met their fair share of abusive partners.

They’ve been betrayed and cheated on, hurt and heartbroken; it’s no surprise that they try their utmost best to fight their feelings.

Rejection and heartache can turn even the open-hearted and strong-willed into cowering, emotionally closed individuals.

But, that’s the thing about love. It finds a way.

No matter how much a woman tries to hide her interest in you, she can’t possibly succeed.

She will give away subtle signs and mannerisms that will eventually expose her cover. Here are some signs you should be on the lookout for.

She cares about what you have to say

No species on the planet earth is more observant than the female race.

They are as sharp as a KGB or a CIA agent. Once you’re under their radar, they will use all their resources to gather Intel on you.

Your interests, friends, where you like to eat, which movies make you cry like a baby, the whole nine yards.

Also, when you’re talking to a girl, she will make sure that she doesn’t miss a single word.

And that’s your greatest clue. Observe how she looks at you and how she responds to your sentiments.

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Does she interrupt you while you’re talking or listens to you intently and waits for you to finish? If it’s the latter, then she’s probably absorbing all that you have to say, and I mean everything, down to every single detail.

This profound interest can mean only one thing; she likes you, or dare I may say, loves you. You’re a lucky guy if that’s the case.

She Asks Personal Questions

Of course, if she’s listening to you with such attentiveness, you stimulate her curiosity. Your words fascinate her. And it doesn’t just stop there.

She wants to know a whole lot more about you. And not just things that you choose to reveal on social media.

I’m talking about personal stuff; your childhood, family, what you dream of becoming, your heroes and aspirations, you know the thing that actually matters.

She won’t just ask you all of this bluntly. She’ll tell you something about herself, something personal and will expect you to return the favour.

Trust me; you’ll be very inclined to return her the favour if you actually like her.

She Celebrates Your Small Wins

People who sincerely get excited at our small wins are few and far between.

If a girl celebrates your small triumphs as if they’re a towering achievement, she probably has feelings for you.

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She won’t come out and tell you this. You’ll have to get the hint.

Not only does she reward you with high praise but also encourages you to express yourself openly.

She doesn’t care if you end up embarrassing yourself, all she cares is that you confide in her.

Her Body Language Is Different

Does she act nervous around you? Like she’s always clumsy and fidgety? Sometimes, when girls try too hard to hide their feelings, they only end up revealing too much of them. Their body language is a dead giveaway.

You can catch her staring at you or playing with her hair while talking to you as if she’s in a dreamlike state.