Every relationship has at least a little bit of jealousy. Guys are naturally jealous because jealousy comes from the need to outcompete other men.

But jealousy also feels shameful, so few guys are going to just out and tell you if they are jealous.

Luckily, body language is difficult to fake. Look out for these signs to see if your guy is jealous.

1. He Sticks To You

The first thing a guy does when he feels jealousy is get possessive of you.

If you are talking to someone else at the bar and suddenly he appears next to you to “help”, he is acting out of jealousy.

2. He Makes Too Much Physical Contact

On a related note, don’t be surprised if he throws an arm around your shoulder, too.

It is just more possessive behaviour driven by jealousy. He is trying to signal to other men that you are “his”, while also trying to convince himself that it is true.

3. He Tries To Peek At Your Phone When You Text

Have you noticed when a guy gets jealous he’s constantly trying to see who you’re texting?

This one is jealousy driven by fear. He is scared of losing you (or losing out on a chance with you) to the imaginary dude on your phone, and he is desperately trying to find out who you are talking with.

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4. He Gives The Evils To Other Men

A telltale sign of jealousy is when he gives a death stare to any bloke you talk to.

A jealous man can spend all night seething over even the most innocent of conversations.

Even the most jealous of men don’t want anybody to know they are feeling this way, so he will probably not say anything.

But his eyes tell you precisely what he thinks of this other guy being around.

5. He Tries To Act As A “Buffer”

When a guy is jealous, he will often try to get between you and anyone else he sees as a threat.

It is especially true with guy friends, who he will do his best not to allow to sit next to you.

This can even extend to more controlling behaviour, like answering questions for you or interjecting into your conversations that he isn’t a part of.

6. He Will Get Super Competitive

He could be as meek and mild as anyone on another day but add some jealousy, and any man will try to demonstrate his masculinity.

This usually manifests as muscle flexing, standing tall with a raised chin, sizing up against other men.

Some men will go as far as trying to start fights over jealousy, though these men are best gotten rid of anyway.

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7. He Is Always Looking At You

Finally, when a guy gets jealous over you, you will find that he will not stop paying you his full attention when you are not right next to him.

In his mind, any moment he isn’t looking at you is a moment that someone else can swoop in and steal you away.

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