It’s a rare occurrence to connect with someone instantly. Someone who makes you question your long-held convictions and years of hatred and insecurities with one piercing gaze.

Feeling a connection with someone you’ve just met is once in a lifetime event, but it’s not a farce.

It happens to every one of us and leaves us baffled and stunned.

If you’ve experienced something similar, here’s how you can make sure that it’s not lust or a brief affair of the mind and heart, but a thing of permanence.

Signs you’ve instantly connected with someone:

The Silence Is Laden With Affection

The silence isn’t agitating or forced; it’s spontaneous and reassuring.

When you have an authentic connection with someone, you don’t need to contrive conversations or fill the verbal void with words.

You don’t feel the need to entertain. The silence is packed full with energy vibrating of the affection and emotional intimacy you are brewing.

Without saying a word, you understand that both of you have immense love for each other.

There’s no rush to forge a joke or say something meaningful. You know for certain that it will all come at the right time and the right moment.

There’s No Anxiety Or Awkwardness

You won’t feel anxious or awkward. An unprecedented level of comfort will shield you from anxiety.

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It will feel as if you’ve known this person your entire life. They will feel like a home you never lived in but always belonged.

With other people, you’ve always felt nervous, your heart has raced at gatherings, and you’ve felt out-of-place, but not anymore.

With this person that you share a divine connection with, everything is so easy, so natural.

Intimacy is not Just a Physical Experience

With a person you have a connection with, the act is not just the act; it’s a more profound experience, extending to the soul and harnessing its positive energy.

Even when you’re doing something utterly non-intimate, such as having a random conversation, you feel an urge to dissolve into each other’s being.

You don’t need an impetus to want that person, nor a place or a time. You only need each other to share your physical selves and appreciate each other’s existence to the fullest.

You Thrive In Each Other’s Weirdness

You enjoy and celebrate each other’s weirdness.

The quirks and whims in other people that leave you annoyed beyond measure are no longer a problem.

When you see them replicated in your soul-connector, not only do you accept them, but also appreciate and highlight them.

Even if they annoy or agitate you at times, you compromise and learn to live with their imperfections.

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You never give up on them.

In the darkest night of hardship and the murkiest day of self-doubt, you never question your feelings of love and affection for them.

You never blame them when things go wrong and go above and beyond to ensure they never share your blame.

You are selflessly driven to make their life better even if it comes at the cost of self-sacrifice. You believe that they deserve all the second chances in the world.

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