We have all been there. When we are feeling an attraction towards someone, who doesn’t seem to feel the same way about us, it is frustrating, saddening and more than a little embarrassing sometimes.

In practice, the attraction is not always mutual. More often than not,  that attraction is not shared.

However, on a deeper level it is true that attraction absolutely is always mutual.

To understand this concept you need to change the way you look at the attraction – and how you understand mutual feelings.

Attraction Is Not Always Mutual

Let’s start with the practical and the plain – not everybody that you feel attraction towards is going to feel attraction towards you.

You know this intuitively from experience. After all, there are bound to be people you have known that have been spellbound by you without you being interested in them.

It can be hard to tell whether somebody is as attracted to you as you are to them, but it is much easier to see it the other way around.

However, Attraction Is Always Mutual… On Some Level

To understand how attraction can be both mutual and non-mutual, you need to understand the difference between attraction and the feeling of attraction.

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The feeling of attraction is very easy to understand. You know how attraction feels.

But actual attraction, the complex emotions and judgements and other processes that produce the feeling of intrigue, is a little more complex to negotiate and see.

True attraction is mutual because it happens at the soul level.

It can only happen between two compatible souls who share a certain foundation of values at the deepest level.

It is the power that pulls soulmates together and keeps twin flames in an ever-shrinking spiral towards each other.

But that attraction is not always felt. The feeling of attraction requires some other pieces to fall into place.

When Attraction Isn’t Mutual

The causes of non-mutual attraction are many and varied, though most of the time they fall into a few categories.

The first category is timing. Everybody is on a journey through this life, and not everybody is in the right place to feel the attraction that is deep down.

They might already have a partner, or they may be working on themselves right now.

The second category is ignorance. Many people are a bit rubbish at examining their feelings or knowing what they want.

Not everybody puts in the time and effort to understand themselves or their soul truly.

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And the last category is the mistaken attraction. You are not infallible, and though you may feel drawn intensely towards another, you might not want to get close to that person.

Your feelings may well have far more to do with you than with them.

But no matter the cause, if you are attracted to someone and the feeling is not mutual, you must respect that.

If the attraction is real, then one day they may change their mind. If they don’t, it was probably never real in the first place.

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