Why are we intent on destroying relationships that float the possibility of eternal bliss? Why are we not willing to endure the hardships and trials in a relationship?

A destructive relationship has many underlying reasons. Sometimes our partner makes us lose hope and faith in love, and sometimes our insecurities and fears get the better of us.

Whatever the reason may be, we lose something that can save us from the depths of darkness.

It can fill us with perpetual light and can make our lives glow, and yet we plunge into an abyss of loneliness and despair.

How can we justify such behaviour? Let’s study why we do what we do to understand our reasons better.

Life puts a lot of pressure on us. You come across various predicaments and cul-de-sac’s that make you bow down and surrender.

It’s how we proceed after this defeat that makes all the difference. For instance, if something strained you in your childhood, it’s going to inscribe self-hatred and fear inside your heart.

This fear will hold you captive in your future and stop you from advancing towards love. You’ll isolate yourself, and it will have a bruising impact on your self-esteem.

Love always has a way of finding those who hide from it. Once it does, those fears and insecurities that life has inflicted upon you will resist the powers of love.

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That’s why, when we’re in relationships, we presume a lot, trust less and overanalyse surreal scenarios that corrupt our mind. It’s our fears pulling strings behind the scenes.

We lose control of ourselves, and even though we want to do the right thing, our misconstrued minds lead us to eventual self-destruction.

It’s imperative that we understand our insecurities, find their cause and try to uproot them. Otherwise, love will never penetrate our diseased souls.

Another reason why we ruin happy relationships is that we do not exhibit the endurance relationships demand. We hastened towards conclusions, without thinking it through.

Love isn’t a set of chemical reactions that excites your insides. That is just a minor aspect of love.

To sustain relationships, you have to understand that you’re not always going to have that intense energy you felt when you first fell in love.

With time, it starts to stabilise, and when we can’t feel that spark, we think that love has faded.

This is a gross misunderstanding on our part. As long as we don’t give up on our lover, love will find its way back into our lives.