Many of us find ourselves asking “why we are drawn to certain people”?

The answer lies in the energy that surrounds and embodies us and how it interacts.

The feeling of being drawn to someone is like a magnet pulling your attention.

That image is surprisingly accurate, though it shouldn’t be surprising as the same principles underpin both phenomena.

It is entirely separate from chemistry and attraction. We can be pulled in to those that we share neither energy.

When you have this experience, it might seem a little scary – especially if you value control or are mainly reserved.

The pull of another person’s energy is so real in this way can make you feel like you are being tugged about by fate and destiny.

To truly make the most of it, you should understand what is going on at the energy level.

Drawn To Certain People With Similar Energy

When it comes to the cosmic power that flows through us, each of us has a unique footprint.

The exact frequencies we vibrate at most strongly will not be the same as for anyone else – even your twin flame!

The fact that your footprint is different from everyone else’s doesn’t mean that there can’t be similar footprints from others.

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When you come across someone with a very similar frequency pattern, it starts to harmonize with yours.

This harmony shifts both of you up in frequency, meaning that your vibrations rise. As they do, they grow stronger, and the effect multiplies.

The result is the urge to move towards that energy. Almost like you want to swim in it.

In the same way that your house “smells like home,” your aura “feels like you.”

Those with the similar vibrational patterns to yours also feel like you – like a lost part of you, or like an old friend.

Drawn To Certain People With Opposite Energy

Of course, not everybody we are drawn to is going to have a positive effect on us. Sometimes we are pulled towards those who are our polar opposite.

We crave novelty, and we want challenges. Those who have opposing vibrational footprints are in for both if they meet.

It can be fulfilling and inspiring to spend time with someone you fundamentally differ from, allowing you to see the world from a new perspective and helping to build your empathic power.

We know this, so instinctively we are pulled towards these experiences.

The challenges that come with disagreement can be nourishing for the soul.

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It makes you seek out those who will challenge your world view and come at things from angles you had never considered.

The state of our aura influences so much of what we do.

When we are drawn to certain people, it is because they affect the energy system that powers our higher selves.

Whether they are right for you or not is an entirely separate matter.

Your intuition brings you together, but it is your mind that decides if that is a good idea or not.

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