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Does Marriage Even Change Anything?

People don’t ever really change. Only their circumstances do. Even research today has proven so.

Marriage is one of those things which legally binds you to a circumstance.

What doesn’t change, though, is the event that took place light years before you were born, the event when one energy was split apart into two, giving rise to twin flames.

The official spiritual contract is binding you to your twin flame, your other half, the yin to your yang.

Wrecking a Marriage is Not Worth it

After you understand the gravity of this reality, whereby being spiritually bound to your twin flame.

Even before you opened your eyes into this world is a higher contract than the worldly contract of marriage in modern society, you would probably want to fight for them.

Before twin flames come together, it isn’t necessarily roses and rays of sunshine for both or either of them.

The mess that is this world has them tangled in some web here or there.

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Call it a test. Whatever the case might be, you and your twin flame need to find a way out of it. But only when the timing is right.

It takes lifetimes to be ready, and if you think you have a twin married to another, then you are not prepared. That is the Universe telling you that you are not there yet!

Your twin flame might already be married to someone else or might get married after you were both together.

But in the spiritual realm, you’ve both already been married to each other. So there is no need to panic, if you genuinely are twin flames, then you are already connected.

The best thing to do is take a right, high path and back away in this lifetime.

Ready for Them

If you do the right thing and don’t interfere in another’s marriage, then your soul gets elevated, you get rewarded.

The Twin Flame stages are many, and it takes hundreds of years to get through them all.

Your reward for good behaviour is activating other stages that you both will benefit from in your next life. This reward is your real probable go at having a full twin flame experience in the 3D.

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If you were meant to be united now, your twin flame would not be married; you have to let them go.

The very stars and galaxies came together to make you, and your twin flame happen, so why let this materialistic world trick you into thinking an evil deed is a good thing.

Keep the Flame Going

When you feed the psychic and spiritual connection existing between you and your twin flame is wise to let it stay in the intellectual and soul fields, doing otherwise muddies your energy.

It’s like watering a plant; if you nurture it with good intentions and pure love, the stronger it’ll grow.

Not In Your Control

If you can’t make your twin flame understand why it’s not right to be together, then you need to drop the energy between you entirely, for now, let it smoke down to ashes, the flame will rise again.

The time of this rise is not in your singular control. Rest assured that The Universe will let you know when it is on with your twin flame, it has magical signs planted for you.

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