Do you ever feel like your twin is like those butterflies resting on tree bark.

If you were to touch them, pull apart their wings wide and fly away and the more you chase them, the more they run away?

If you’re reading this, you most probably find yourself to be the chaser in your twin flame relationship.

But before reading on to find out how to get your twin back, ask yourself this, is my twin running away from me, or towards me?

Thoughts are energy. What we think, we send out there in the form of energy waves.

And more than often, surprisingly enough, our perceptions have an actual, physical effect in the real world.

This is much like an action having an equal but opposite reaction.

So if you keep thinking, let us say, you are going to have a horrible time at the mall today, the chances are high that the moment you step in it, you will start yawning and generally feeling like even the air around the shops is depressing.

Here are some simple initiatives you can take to get your twin back in a situation where they have either completely turned their back on you or are ghosting you (cutting off communication with you until they tell you officially that it’s off).

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Connect on the Soul Planes

A runner mostly becomes distant after a positive experience. Old wounds and mistakes resurface, and they find themselves fearing the past repeating itself.

Clear out those past hurdles and connect to your twin on the soul plane; remind them why it’s going to be different with you, their twin flame, this time around.

Visualise Union

As mentioned above, thoughts have a mass; they affect the physical world. Visualise positive scenarios where you and your twin unite.

If you think it enough, it is going to happen.

Don’t Rush Them

Avoid making ultimatums to show your twin what it’d be like living without you, sending them desperate calls or messages etc.

is not going to help. On the contrary, let them know, amicably, that you’re going to be here for them when they coil back to you.

Be the Runner

It might sound weird at first, but think of it this way: it’s more of a run towards the runner than a chase.

Let your twin know you’ll run with them. Make your actions tell them that yes, you’ll run with them wherever they go.

It might stop them running.

Grow from the Hurt

The skies of your past relationships were not clear. But that doesn’t mean the skies of your present twin flame relationship won’t be, either.

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It might rain some days, but how else will the roots grow?

So any present disturbances that might arise between you and twin flame don’t treat them as a setback.

Instead, welcome them as challenges to grow from. For where’s the fun if nothing challenges you?