Spotting the 11 signs he is fighting his feelings for you is easier than you think!

When a guy likes you but wishes he didn’t, it can be painful and confusing. You worry that you are misreading the signs and he isn’t interested at all.

Luckily, it becomes super evident that a guy is doing this once you know what to look out for…

1. He Is Hot & Cold

Is he keen one day and ghosting you the next? It could be that he is just stringing you along – but it could be one of the signs he is fighting his feelings for you.

Telling the difference is a case of judging how he feels about the situation.

A player will seem unapologetic about ignoring you or their apologies will look fake.

But if he has real feelings for you that he is trying to work out, then he will come across as more embarrassed than anything else.

You have just to let him work out whatever is going on in his head. Stick with the friendship for a while and give him time to tell you that he wants more.

But don’t wait forever! There are plenty of guys out there that know what they want, and if this one doesn’t work it out quickly enough, it should be his loss – not yours.

2. He Listens & Remembers Things About You

We all know that some men are just nodding along through conversations and barely paying attention.

But he is paying attention. Not only is he engaged with you when you speak, but he will remember details and bring them up later on.

His focus is on you and, even though he isn’t ready to let himself feel them, he is developing strong feelings for you.

3. He Wants To Get To Know You

He asks a lot of questions that are a little too personal for your level of relationship.

He might ask about your dreams, ambitions, and other positive stuff for the future.

But he also wants to know about your childhood, your previous relationships, and your biggest regrets.

It isn’t just small talk; it’s big talk. He is discovering you, working out if you are worth the risk of putting himself out there.

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4. He Cares What You Think About Him

Whether consciously or subconsciously, he is out to impress you. It’s obvious he makes an effort about his appearance when he knows he is going to see you, and he tries to present himself in the best light around you.

He brags and boasts about his strengths and successes while playing down his weaknesses and failures. It isn’t because of vanity – he doesn’t care when you aren’t around – he wants to impress you.

5. He Plays Down Relationships With Other Women

Even though you aren’t jealous, he still makes sure to mention that the women in his life are just friends.

You may find that he goes too hard on this point and ends up criticizing them in a bid to ensure that you don’t think that he is involved with anyone else.

6. He Likes To Stare At You

One of the most definite signs he is fighting his feelings for you is if you catch him staring at you occasionally, but he tries to hide it.

It’s likely that if you ask him about it, even in a playful way, he will act offended.

7. He Volunteers To Help You

It might only be small things, but he will always be the first to volunteer his help if you need someone.

He might get a bit jealous if someone else helps you out instead of him.

It isn’t really about helping you out. It’s about spending time with you – ideally, alone.

8. He Gets Jealous… But Tries To Hide It

Because you aren’t dating and he knows that it is his fault, he will see that he doesn’t have the right to feel jealous.

This feeling of jealousy will make him all the more annoyed at himself when he does get this way; he may even look angry because of it.

This guy will get jealous and act like an ass every time he sees you with another guy.

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He will try to hide it, but everybody will notice (and probably mention) a change in his demeanor that suggests jealousy.

9. He Thinks About You

Even when you aren’t around each other, he is still thinking about you.

Random texts, little gifts he picks up that reminded him of you, even simple things like tagging on social media – these are all signs he is thinking about you when you are not around.

That’s a tell-tale sign of deeper feelings that he is fighting.

10. But Then He Goes Cold For A While

Just as you think you are sure he has feelings for you, he will get scared and run away.

It is one of the main signs he is fighting his feelings for you.

He might not even know that’s what he is doing, but consciously or unconsciously, he is removing what he sees as a “risk.”

The risk to him is the sexual freedom that he does not want to abandon, not yet.

You can’t put up with this for too long. At some point, this man has to get brave and make a decision, rather than leaving you hanging while he gets his head in order.

11. You Share Intense Chemistry & Attraction

Despite his meandering and your frustration, despite whatever reasons he has for fighting his feelings rather than just expressing them, the chemistry and attraction between you are undeniable.

You know it. He knows it. Everyone around you knows it.

He has to be fighting his feelings because the level of compatibility between you is incredible, so if he isn’t acknowledging it, then he is in denial.

Whatever his reasons are, you may have to come to terms with the fact that at some point, if he doesn’t come out with it, you are going to have to start the conversation.

And if he is unwilling to have the conversation, then it is best you forget about him and move on. Just be warned – he might “suddenly realize” how he feels the moment he hears you’re dating someone else.

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