Sometimes you will meet a man and think to yourself: “Why am I so attracted to him?!”

The answer depends on several levels – the most important of which is why you are asking the question.

If you are happy to be attracted to him because you are compatible, then the reason you are is that the two of you are energetically aligned.

An energy alignment leads to intense chemical attraction.

On the other hand, if he is objectively bad for you, but you still find him attractive, then he could be a karmic partner.

Chemical Attraction With Him

The first option is that you are experiencing an intense chemical attraction with him.

Attraction of a chemical nature is caused by the two of you having similar energy and vibration patterns, including compatible auras and star signs.

When you are around someone like this, the energy within both of you starts to heighten and flow.

This flow through your chakras produces all sorts of positive signals, like excitement, focus, passion, and euphoria.

These feelings contribute to the attraction, creating a bond between you based on your unique energies.

Is He My Karmic Partner?

When you find yourself attracted to someone despite knowing that they are bad for you, the chances are that you have encountered what is known as a karmic partner.

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Karmic relationships are not like normal relationships.

We choose to get into relationships to fulfill our need for companionship and romantic love.

Karmic relationships have little to do with either.

They are instead more about growth, change, and learning lessons.

Through your karmic relationships, you will learn about yourself and learn how to be a better person, partner, and friend.

This process will help to bring you along your journey to enlightenment.

You might be so attracted to him because your soul knows that you need this, even as your mind screams at you that this is not a good idea.

Funnily enough, the attraction comes from the same place – heightened energy flow.

The reason for that increase is different, though.

The increase in energy flow is because your soul is participating in its higher purpose, which makes karmic relationships more spiritually fulfilling.

Is He My Twin Flame?

Finally, the most intense attraction you will ever feel is with your twin flame.

If you suspect he might be your twin flame, then you should look out for the twin flame signs and synchronicities.

These are the synchronicities that often show up before he does.

These signs will continue to show up throughout your relationship.

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If he is, then you have just begun an extraordinary time in your life.

You should relish these moments and throw yourself into the relationship if it feels like the right time to do so.

Follow your intuition.

Whatever the reason that you are so attracted to him, you should never be a slave to these feelings.

Know what is right for you and listen to your intuition – your inner wisdom and intuition will guide you to the right choice.

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