Guys are always rambling about this girl and that girl — but most of them are clueless when it comes to discerning the subtle signs of female interaction.

Some girls serve themselves as a platter only to find guys scratching their heads in utter bewilderment. This is why intercepting and understanding the signs of female interaction is so crucial to charm a woman of your interest.

Attraction isn’t just about recognising a single rigid action. Females are highly sophisticated beings. You have to dig deeper and study their patterns, the nuanced behaviours that they subconsciously repeat.

Luckily for you, we have shed light on some of these patterns to help you understand the nitty-gritty of the female lingo.

She Faces Towards You

Forget about if she’s twirling her hair or gently caressing her lips. Physical actions like this are outdated as signs regarding flirting and doesn’t hold up in the modern world of today’s dating.

If she’s interested in you, she’ll face you and will hardly turn away, it’s that simple. Of course, if she’s not interested in you or you don’t arouse her “curiosity”, her concentration is bound to veer towards her surroundings.

Sustained Eye Contact

Sustained eye contact is one of the most prominent indicators of female interest. This rule even applies to infants.

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Kids who are interested in your or have a fun time with you are likely to stare at you with intent and poise.

Don’t forget woman will give you eye contact if you look at them first.

If they look back at you, it does not mean that they are attracted to you. Woman and girls will look at a man if they are eye flirting, especially if the man is already with someone beautiful.

Girls who are romantically drawn towards you show a similar behavior. But the subtle difference is her pupils dilate, and her eyes light up like the fourth of July!

This prolonged and impassioned eye contact is an open invitation for you to court her. But if you are with a gorgeous woman, know that she is only wondering who you are to be with such a beauty.

If you get the light in her eyes, fireworks and you are single, then don’t even hesitate to talk to her.

She Shares Her Vulnerabilities and Secrets

In this day and age, we’ve become so cold-hearted, so distant, that we try our very best not to reveal our insecurities. We’ve all developed these emotional defences to seem less vulnerable, even though most of us are in shambles on the inside.

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So, if a girl, willingly shares a personal story about her past or a secret that she’s barely told anyone, trust me, she’s into you. For a girl to confide in a guy is a really massive thing.

Just make sure that you take her seriously when she does share something really personal. If she even gets a slight hint that you’re not interested, she will retract and might never consider you as her confidant. You don’t want to lose that privilege.

Subtle Changes in Voice and Breathing

According to the Journal of nonverbal communication, females tend to change the pitch and sound of their voice when communicating with their crushes.

The study inferred that when girls talked to someone they liked, their vocal tone became milder, more chimed down.

Also, their heart rates and breathing slowed down.

This happens mostly because girls feel more comfortable and at peace with their crushes.

So, if she’s flirting with you and she speaks in a polite manner in a really toned down voice, she actually respects you and feels at home around you.

Humans rarely feel like this around random people.

This only means one thing. You have something really special with her.