Being trapped in the friend zone is like spending your days and nights in a torture cell.

You have this amazing chemistry with a guy. Emotional intimacy shoots through the roof when you’re around him.

He makes you feel like you’re on cloud nine. All in all, everything seems to click.

But, you are still unable to take it to the next level. You wish to convert that friendship into a steaming hot romance.

You have all the elements in place. All the indications. But something stops you from taking that critical step.

So, how can you get rid of that tentativeness; that doubt that makes you cautious.

Of course, you can’t just be blunt and go like, “Hey do you love me?” That’s absurd.

Your friendship is at stake. And to be honest, there’s no need to take such an aggressive approach.

Here are some proven indicators to ensure that your love isn’t unrequited.

He wants to Know About Your Past and Personal Stories

When you arouse a guy’s curiosity, he makes it his life mission to know more about you.

Your past, your little quirks, your plans for the future, everything and anything is vital information for him.

Friends also want to know about the traumas that have shaped our lives. But the questions from them seem different. They don’t make an effort to unearth these personal stories like a guy who’s really into you does.

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A guy who likes you will be willing to reveal his most profound and darkest secrets to get a nugget of information about your scars and your triumphs.

He knows that he’s acting emotionally vulnerable by doing all this, but it doesn’t matter to him. Deep down he knows that he can trust you with his insecurities.

His Actions Speak Volumes

A man who is romantically vested in you will DO. He won’t just make hollow promises and vanish into thin air when you need him.

If he makes a habit of striking up conversations or approaches you whenever he sees you, it means that he sees you more than just a friend. You’d be a fool not to notice.

If he sees you as a friend, he might “hang with you” just for the heck of it or merely try to stay in touch with you, but that’s it? Nothing more beyond that.

He Does Make An Effort To Talk To You

Guys are tacit beings that don’t like to communicate much.

So, if a guy makes an effort actually to talk to you, then pay attention. If he always tries to respond to what you have to say or listens to you intently whenever you’re talking to him, it means that he is trying for you.

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And guys don’t just make an effort for a person they see as a random stranger. It’s pretty rare. Get the hint.

Of course, you can compare how he converses with other women and you. You’ll notice a resounding difference.

He Wants To Get Close To You

Sometimes, talking and sharing and staring isn’t enough for men. They’re creatures of touch. They want to embrace you and kiss you and make their physical presence felt.

Men always find these excuses to caress your hair or give you hugs or hold hands with you. All they need is an opening, a slight chance to make physical contact.

Trust me a man who sees you more than a friend can’t keep his hands off you. He will try not to come off as a creep or a pervert. You will know that there’s good intent in his actions.