If you want to win over the girl of your dreams, you’re going to have to invest some time and effort in understanding her language.

The language that women speak is fairly complicated. Without recognising their flirtatious signals, your chances of finding romance are pretty dim.

But don’t fret!

We’re here to give you some expert tips and strategies to identify these signals of interest. This information, if used correctly, will help you score some super-hot girls.Signs She Is Flirting With You

She plays hard to get

Women are masters of reverse psychology. They know that men go crazy for women who act distant and uninterested.

If she’s not making eye contact with you and is simply replying in short brief sentences, she’s probably playing hard to get. She knows that if she carries this on, your curiosity and interest in her is bound to shoot through the roofs.

She gives you flirtatious smiles

A big uplifting smile is not a sure indicator of a women’s interest. Women smile when they are shy, friendly or just in a grand mood.

But, sometimes, they are trying to flirt with you. So how can you identify this flirtatious smile among all the other ones? That’s the million dollar question.

Well, if a girl is smiling at you from afar while making eye-contact, she’s probably urging you to approach her and strike up a conversation. It’s time you make your move.

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She strokes her face, twirls her hair….

Those who know the subtle art of interpreting the female body language are the real winners. Some women signal interest by vivaciously fondling with their hair. Others bat their eyelashes.

Running fingers on lips, gently stroking the face and chin are also female body language signals you should look out for.

She puts on makeup and dresses all sexy in front of you

Some women take their time answering the door when you happen to show up abruptly. And when they do open the door, they’re all tidy, have lip gloss on and have a little bit of cleavage showing, all of this is no coincidence.

They might act all casual, but they’re trying to grab your attention with all these subtle signs.

In a time of Need, she specifically asks for your help

A girl can ask a thousand different guys to help her out. She can call her brother, father or any other random friend.

But when she specifically calls for you out to pick her up from a certain place or help her choose a dress for a party, she wants to be an active part of your life.

Think about it; she can handle these menial tasks on her own. It’s not that troublesome for her. But she asks for your help because she wants you to pay attention to her.

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She tries to get close to you

A girl who seriously has the hots for you is going to invade your private space, without acting creepy. Girls are good at doing that.

You might even feel a bit cramped, but she doesn’t mean any harm. On the contrary, she’s trying to get close to you to make her presence felt around you.