If your boyfriend is acting distant all of a sudden, it can be a confusing and challenging moment in your life.

You don’t know why he is acting this way, and you don’t know what to do about it. You have fears that you are going to break up.

Before you go assuming the worst, there are many reasons for this happening.

Talk to him and see if any of these reasons ring a bell:

1. Stress

Men tend to bottle up their emotions in an attempt to protect others from whatever is causing them stress.

They are good at it, too – so good that they might not even realize that is what they are doing.

It could be work problems, family disputes, health issues, or even doubts about your relationship.

The best thing you can do is offer your support. Allow your man to open up, but don’t be pushy!

That could make him put his walls up even higher.

2. Neediness

You might be being too needy. Men have more definite boundaries and don’t like it when you cross them too often.

It’s nice to be wanted, but being needed is more of an obligation than anything else.

If you are always the one instigating contact or intimacy, then this could be the reason for your current problems.

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3. He Feels Suffocated

Sometimes, in our passion for our partners, we can want to spend as much time as possible with them.

But everybody needs space to be alone, and some men need more space than others.

It isn’t about getting away from you, but instead getting to be on his own that he is craving.

Make fewer demands on his time, and he will want to spend more time with you.

4. He Feels Jealous

You might know that your close guy friend is just a platonic friend, and you may well have told him that, but that doesn’t stop the feelings of jealousy that some men fall victim.

Reassuring him and talking to him about his concerns is crucial to working through this.

However, if he is overly jealous to the point where he won’t let you go anywhere without him, then that behavior needs to stop immediately – or else you need to move on.

5. He’s Just Busy

Sometimes there’s a simple explanation for why your boyfriend is acting distant – he is just busy!

Everybody gets busy sometimes, and we rarely choose when those times are, so he might be just as frustrated as you are that he has to be so distant.

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You can play all the guessing games that you like, but you won’t know anything for sure unless you talk to him about it.

Most men prefer their partners to be straightforward with them.

Those subtle signals that you want to talk about this stuff are very likely to be missed.

So sit down and have a mature conversation – as soon as he’s ready to do so.

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