Men can be a bit rubbish at expressing their inner thoughts. Luckily, a guy’s body language can give you all the signs you need to know he’s into you.

If you’re trying to work out if a certain someone is buying what you’re selling, look out for these signs.

1. He Can’t Hide His Smile

Whenever he sees you, he can’t hold back a smile.

It’s easy to hide being upset, but hiding happiness is harder. When he is so happy to see you that he can’t hide it is a sure sign he is into you.

2. He Initiates Physical Contact

Hopefully, he doesn’t do it in a creepy way, but when a guy is into you, he will definitely try to make physical contact.

A hand on the knee or arm, or brushing your hair from your face are all common signs of attraction.

3. He Makes Lots Of Eye Contact

This one is not just specific to men – we all make lots of eye contact when we are attracted to someone.

If you notice he is making lots of eye contact, then he is into you.

4. His Pupils Are Dilated

While he’s making all of that eye contact, see if his pupils are big.

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Pupil dilation is a scientifically proven side effect of physical excitement, and it has to be a good sign if he is excited while looking in your eyes.

5. You Catch Him Staring

He knows he shouldn’t be checking you out, but he really can’t help himself.

Fortunately, men are rarely subtle creatures so you should be able to spot this one. Try turning your back and see if he decides to sneak a little peek.

6. His Eyebrows Flash

Not literally, that would be weird. Flashing your eyebrows is a momentary raising of the eyebrows, that is gone as quickly as it came.

Most people don’t know that they do it, but when they do, it is a sign of seeing something or someone they have been waiting for.

7. He Fusses About His Appearance

If he usually isn’t that bothered about how he looks unless you are around, he is presenting himself well to impress you.

Keep catching him looking in the mirror, adjusting his clothes or reapplying body spray or cologne? Either he’s into you, or he’s way too into himself.

8. He Is Fine With You Touching Him

There’s nothing worse than unwanted physical contact, and when someone we are not into touches us, we feel disgusted.

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But if you touch him and he seems entirely unphased by it, he is happy for you to be all up in his personal space.

9. He Seems Bigger

When a man is really into you and thinks that you feel the same way, he is filled with confidence and strength.

This causes him to stand tall, with his chest puffed out and his shoulders broad.

He feels like a winner when he is with you, and this makes him seem (and feel) like a giant.

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