If you’ve ever had the feeling your relationship doesn’t feel like it used to, it might be pointing to the lack of interest on his part.

Good thing you’ve stumbled across this, we have a quick know-how to check how right you are, as we lists some signs indicating his interest in you has gone dead.

Dwindling communication

As long as the mind speaks, the mouth does, too. When his interest in you starts to diminish, so will his words.

You might see this take the form of no callbacks and replies, deliberate attempts to be alone lest a conversation strikes up and so on.

Perfect strangers

Does it feel like he’s a stranger you once knew? Someone you walk by who looks at you once, twice and then moves on with his life?

Does it ever get lonely without him? Are his absence and presence the same thing?

If your answer’s yes to such questions, you know he’s a stranger to you now because he’s just not that into you anymore.

So you find yourself back at square one.

No advice and suggestions

When you go to him for help and he remarks along the lines of something like “Um, I don’t know, maybe you should ask someone else…” then it’s a clear sign he’s lost interest in you and what you’re doing.

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If he were interested, he’d research about your problem if he didn’t already have a good suggestion for you.

Lack of interference

When he’s into you, he can not help himself by interfering in your comings and goings.

If you have a bad day, and he doesn’t bother checking up on you, then you might as well be out all day and night long, because he is not showing he cares about you if he doesn’t check on you.

Such behaviour is symptomatic of a lack of interest.

No plans

Someone who’s into you will ask you about your plans for the day, the weekend, the month.

They would want to know when you’ll be free so they can hang out with you.

But if he, being free himself, doesn’t bother asking if you’re free for dinner, for instance, you’ll know he’s not into you anymore.

The Jealous Card

If he expresses jealousy and slight possessiveness – both of which are good sometimes, in right amounts – over you spending time with another guy or your friends, you know how interested he is.

But if not, you know your place then, too.

So if the guy you’re interested in displays these or other related signs, you might want to move on to someone to whom it makes a difference to that you are free for dinner or are hanging out all day with friends.

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