Meeting your soulmate for the first time is completly overwhelming.

Your head is going faster than a steam train on warp drive.

Your nerves are tingling. Your body feels ingnighted and shaky.

The entire experience makes you vulnerable, insecure and safe all at the same time.

And it’s quite understandable. Aligning your eyes with your soul mate is an emotionally tolling experience if you resist and fight it.

Going with this energy flow is the only option if you wish to not feel churned by a tsunami.

Before that, let us shed light on the concept of “true soul mates” to avoid any confusion.

Sometimes, we experience similar symptoms when we come across people that appear to be our soul mates but are not.

For this reason, it’s important to understand what a soul mate is before answering do soulmates avoid eye contact.

What is a Soul mate?

A soulmate is someone who complements you as in they make you a better person, just by their energy intersepting with yours.

This kind of love energy makes you feel complete. It’s not always a romantic partner.

Sometimes, your brother, sister or even your grandparents are your soulmates.

Don’t let Hollywood, or anyone for that sake, mess up the platonic variations of this transcendent bond.

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Soul mates understand you in ways; others can only imagine.

Even though they are unaware of the hurt and suffering that has gone on in your past, they can relate and unnerve you from its ever-reaching grip.

And this is why you share this amazing bond with them.

They’re always on your mind and a reminder of better things to come.

They make you feel secure at times the whole world assaults you with its meanness.

Their whispers and their touches and the palpitations of their heart don’t seem foreign; they feel like home.

It’s in our predestination to meet with our soulmate.

All so that this person comes in our lives and helps us ease the pain that we may have picked up from this world.

Now, onto the million dollar question: Do Soulmates Avoid Eye Contact?

Of course, they do!

Even when we meet a minor crush of ours, we’re unable to make eye contact.

In the case of soul mates, it is intense from both sides so it’s a given that we’re going to shy away.

So, if you’re wondering do soulmates avoid eye contact, I’ll repeat it again: yes, it is to be expected.

Here are the reasons why we do what we do.

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As A Defense Mechanism

All our life, people have taken our emotions for granted.

They have made us feel insecure and vulnerable and pawns for their little games.

When we make eye contact with our soul mate, all of those experiences show in our eyes.

We feel as if we’re made bare, exposed, our emotional vulnerabilities undressed.

And sometimes, we’re not ready to share that part of ourselves with our soulmate, and we try to ignore them, altogether.

Or at least try and pretend not to watch their every move out the corner of our eyes.

We Feel Frightened

Sometimes, it’s not about an invasion of privacy. Sometimes, it’s our self-hatred and disbelief that is the culprit.

It makes us think that if our soulmates see right through us, they won’t like what they see.

We doubt ourselves and refuse to give in to the completely harmless and profoundly well-intentioned stares of the one person that can restore peace to our heart.

And you can’t blame us. We will trust but in due time.

So, do soulmates avoid eye contact? In light of the facts mentioned above: yes.

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