Love is the thing that breaks your heart but makes you laugh and feel alive, something you can’t live without.

You can grow it in your victory gardens, or thrust it into someone’s backyard with a swing and an arrow.

But at the end of your day, it’s made of the same stuff the sun is composed of : Energy. Love travels, therefore, in waves.

And you can make these wavelengths travel to another person if you want.

Sure, it isn’t the same as building Sparta, but it is better to create a life more meaningful than any temporarily standing kingdom.

After all, Love is the only thing that remains in our souls as we travel between life time after lifetime.

Before you continue, though, it’s important to understand two things.

Firstly, the person you’re sending such powerful energy to is more stronger, more vibrant, than this energy itself.

And secondly, this energy called love doesn’t care how it travels to the receiver, just that it does.


The term is relative, meaning different things to different people.

Some might get more in tune with their inner worlds by taking a walk on the beach, taking a warm bath in a room lit with candles, listening to thunderous metal music, staring off into space or through doing 60 mins of hot yoga.

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The point is, there are many loud voices inside your mind, talking to you in your head.

You need to answer them, keep them peaceful. Only then you can send the voice resonating love to someone else.

Otherwise, the wrong voices might travel to them and they will feel negative energy coming from you.


Once you’ve calmed your inner demons, extend your acceptance of all creatures great and small, out to the Universe.

Have acceptance and reconigtion of your position in life, of your role as a living, thriving being, of your mortality.

Even the smallest of leaves can hear you out there; the Universe is everything but non-attentive.

Right frequencies

It might seem inconsequential at first. But it plays a more significant role in this process than you think.

When a 90 decibel sound combines with another 90 decibel sound, wouldn’t it produce a higher pitch than if it stood alone?

Similarly, you need to align your love frequency with another to raise it up a notch.

You can do this by finding things or places or people that bring out the light in you.

Take this feeling home with you before you send love energy to someone. The louder they hear you, the better.

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Visualise your Auras Connecting

Your aura is the most potent tool at your disposal to send love energy to someone. Visualise the person, irrespective of their surroundings.

Imagine your aura reaching and connecting with theirs, surrounding them in a protective shield.

Think about Love

Thoughts have a mass. What you think takes effect in the real world. In other words, what you perceive, you manifest.

Bring to mind the person you want to send love energy to. Telepathically channel those loving thoughts towards the person and let Universe do the rest.

Create Art

Nothing screams louder about the love you feel towards someone than art. Create a painting or write a poem for the one you want to send a love energy package to.

Seeing such a piece of art is going to skyrocket that love energy right into their chest and explode their heart chakra in the most beautiful way.