Sexual cording is one of the most intimate types of bonding between two lovers.

Extreme caution must be taken before choosing to have “just casual sex” with another person.

It can have serious implications.

Sexual Cording And The Exchange Of Fluids

Sex is a sacred phenomenon.

The exchange of bodily fluids results in the creation of a powerful sexual energy cord that is hard to unwind and detach.Sexaul energy cords meaning

Psychologically, you might break free from the clutches of your ex-lover, but these sexual energy cords persist long after this happens.

This is why sometimes you feel sexually drawn like a drunkard towards a person you have no affection left for.

Sexual energy cords are reverberating wires of electricity through which energy freely flows back and forth.

When you’re having sex with someone, you are passing on your thoughts and vulnerabilities to the other person, and so are they.

Sexual Energy Cords have Grave Implications, sometimes

In the movie, “No strings attached”, a relationship that starts as a means to satiate “sexual thirst” slowly transforms into a strong bond of love.

There is no such thing as animal sex.

When two adults consensually indulge in the act of lovemaking, they end up creating a sexual energy cord that tethers their emotions, insecurities, and vulnerabilities.

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For Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis, that inadvertent sexual play turned out to be fortuitous.

However, that doesn’t always happen for every one of us.

Some of us plunge ourselves into the dark well of abusive relationships because of unplanned sexual cording.

Think Before Sexual Cording with Someone

So, when choosing an intimate partner, be extremely careful.

Sometimes, our emotions get the best of us, and we accidentally form a sexual energy cord with a person who is bound to hurt us in the not-so-distant future.

Having sex with a destructive person is like handing the reigns of your life to them.

They have the power to hurt you, make you feel miserable, and they are most likely are going to use this power.

The Verdict on Sexual Energy Cords

Sexual cording, when used with the right intentions, can defeat the dark forces of Karmic relationships and assist in spiritual growth.

It behoves you to send positive energy, loving thoughts to your lover during sexual bonding for the collective good of you and your lover.

Sexual cords have a grave effect on your spiritual, mental and physical health.

A one-night-stand sometimes leads to severe problems.

Throughout this article, I’m not upholding the narrative that casual sex is pure evil.

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I’m just saying that it has its consequences, and sometimes these consequences are costly.

Sexual connections sometimes leave spiritual contaminants in people who don’t have a knack for spiritual cleansing.

If you choose to sleep with someone whose energy field has a lot of confused thoughts and unresolved emotions, you can end up adopting these negative energies.

So, my advice is never to sleep with someone who you get even a slightly negative vibe from.

Trust your intuition.

Help it guide you to the right people.