Cords are strands of energy that defy the laws of time and space. You can bind an energy cord with someone you’ve never met, or someone who is no longer an active part of your life.

The primordial cord is formed with mothers during the development of the fetus.

The mother nurtures the premature child with emotional energy, forming a deep emotional bond with him or her in the process.

That is why most of us always feel a palpable sense of belonging towards our mothers. It’s a fact that “the mother always knows”.

Well, her omniscient quality can be attributed to the presence of etheric cords.

The strongest cords are formed with people who hold a very special place in our life. Most of the times, these are our family and friends who we know a whole lot about, from their past to their darkest fears.

Our chakra centres inextricably tie these cords. For instance, if you have a mental connection with someone, your crown chakra is most probably aligned with theirs.

You will be able to have erudite conversations and share your deepest emotional vulnerabilities with them.

Similarly, the cording of the base chakra may bring about intense feelings of sexual desire between two people.

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Energy cords also give you the ability to tap into someone’s thoughts and alter their moods. Lovers who are connected at a spiritual level often feel sad and happy at the same time.

This isn’t coincidental. When we’re sad, we transfer our negative energy to our lover through etheric cords that act as mass transit for emotional energy.

Also, sometimes, we’re able to identify the problems perturbing our lover accurately. If they are having bouts of depression or are feeling anxious, we just KNOW.

They don’t have to tell us or seek our attention.

Not all etheric cords are strong and lasting. Most of them break after some weeks. No wonder most love is fleeting.

For instance, if the sole purpose of a relationship is the fulfilment of lust, it will nosedive into oblivion and will plunge the etheric cord with it.

Only those relationships have strong, enduring energy cords that have reached a high level of mutual understanding and trust.

So, if you want to strengthen your energy cord with someone, you must endure with them through thick and thin.

Only then will you deem yourself worthy of wielding a resilient etheric cord.

Sometimes energy cords are more of a curse than a blessing. People in unrequited love find it increasingly hard to sever their energetic connection with someone they are infatuated with.

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Sometimes, people spend their whole lives waiting on someone who doesn’t love them back. It’s because they have affixed their etheric cords to their existence.

They no longer care about being loved back. All that matters to them is diving into a pool of their lover’s thoughts. They create an artificial image of their lover inside their heads.

And they are more in love with that image than the reality of their unrequited love.

There are ways you can break-off an energy cord with someone. However, it requires tapping into your spiritual realms and resisting natural human urges.