Every individual is connected with each other mentally and emotionally by a cord. It is the astral and etheric energy that is present between two people.

It is not a physical substance; thus, one cannot see it through their naked eyes. The cord offers a two-way connection; it is the mode of sending as well as receiving energy.

Psychic cords between lovers:

For the development of these emotional energy strands, the physical connection is not required. Cords are created either consciously or unconsciously.

The psychic cords between lovers are developed between two people. These cords are strong and help to improve the bonding between lovers.

Cords could attach to any part of the body, but special places have profound effects.

The cord that attaches between two lovers is usually present in the sacral chakra. It makes their connection even more romantic. Psychic ties work like an invisible hug and transfer warmth and positive cosmic energy between two lovers.

What are Etheric Cords Of Attachment?

Etheric cords of attachment are a bit different from other forms. Whenever you have a relationship, life event, or condition that affects you directly, these cords are formed.

Many times, they are responsible for draining vital life force energy away from you. You don’t always create these cords consciously, but they remain there and impact your life.

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The cords of attachment are developed in the past and continue to influence you in your present and future if you don’t break them. These cords can:

  • Make you produce unconscious reactions
  • Disturb the patterns of your thinking
  • Affect your feelings
  • Keep you stuck in your past

The Unseen Energy between Lovers:

Lovers have a special kind of bonding that is not achievable by other relationships in life. Their physical intimacy allows them to become close to each other emotionally.

When two people connect at emotional as well as physical level, their energy is amplified many folds. They form a strong cord that keeps them connected when they are even far away.

It is commonly known when one partner is worried; their partner senses the energy. The same is true for positive emotions. It happens because of the bond they share.

The cord remains there even if they break up. In this case, clearing the cord becomes necessary.

The connection of Etheric Cords & Psychic Attack:

Psychic attack is the form of negative energy that is sent to damage the person on emotional as well as physical level. The victim feels exhausted.

As it’s mentioned earlier, etheric cords provide two-way connection; thus, negative people could use them to harm you intentionally or unintentionally. When the connection is strong, it can impact you significantly.

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It is advised that if you feel terrible in the presence of someone, you should remove their negative cord to live a happy life.

If you encounter that person on a daily basis, then try to disconnect the cord. The more you delay, the stronger the cord will become and the more intense the attack will be.