Every individual on this planet is tangled in a web of cords. These cords connect you to every person you have ever met in your life.

They are called etheric codes. These energy threads provide the means for energy to exchange between two people.

These threads are formed in the subtle bodies, i.e. astral, emotional, mental, etc. You can not see them with the naked eye, but they effect you on a physical level.

The impact could be quite powerful and their nature will depend upon the energy of the other person with whom you have formed a cord.

The formation of etheric cords is unintentional. They form with whoever you interact. When you don’t continue the connection, they become weak and fade away.

But these cords are strongest with the people whom you interact with on a daily basis. With a positive person, these threads take you to a high vibrational state and add positivity to your life.

Wallowing in low energy is the opposite effect in the case of a negative person.

Etheric cords can be used for intentional as well as unintentional psychic attack.

It is a form of negative energy that inflicts upon your physical and mental state and produces damage. The motive behind the psychic attack is to harm you.

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As the psychic attack is the form of energy, etheric cords can successfully be used for projecting the attack.

The person who is doing it deliberately could take significant advantage of these threads as they provide the direct mean of connection.

Even when a person doesn’t know they are harming you negatively with their energy, these cords offer them a direct link to your psyche.

There are lots of reasons why you could be under a psychic attack; the connection with the following people could harm you:

• A jealous friend or colleague who doesn’t want to see you prosper will unconsciously send negative energy towards you
• A person who doesn’t like others to be happy
• Your enemy who wants to harm you in every way possible

Here are the signs that will help you to know if you are under a psychic attack:

• A severe headache without any known medical cause
• The feeling of tiredness and heaviness
• Random pains that come and go on their own
• Lack of self-confidence
• Nightmares of being chased or attacked
• Paranoia
• Having thoughts of the attacker
• Suicidal feelings
• Exhaustion that comes with deep sleep that you can’t even complete your daily chores
• The feeling of unrealistic fears
• Feel insane and doubt every decision you make

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If you are feeling any of these signs, then you should take a look around and notice the people around you more.

It is best to avoid interacting with the people who want to harm you; because the interaction will form the cord and provide an easy way to get to you.

If you can’t take them out of your life like an office colleague or a family member, then it is recommended that you should detach their cord every day.

As the time passes, the cord will become stronger, and their negative energy will produce a more devastating effect. You need to work on it every day if you want to live a happy and healthy life.