There are spirits all around us, all of the time. There are probably spirits in your general vicinity right now!

So why is it that we aren’t constantly bombarded by spirits wherever we go?

Spirits exist at a much higher vibrational frequency than we do. When a spirit wants to contact you, you have to raise your vibration to connect with them.

Meeting Spirits Halfway

Spirits can and do lower their vibrations temporarily to connect with us.

If they didn’t, they would be entirely unreachable by all but the most enlightened people.

But they can’t lower them too far, for the same reason that you can’t raise yours to their level – you have a physical body that keeps you rooted in this world, and they do not.

So you have to meet them somewhere in between – one of the reasons we call people that do “mediums”.

Bring Joy, Love & Peace

A great way to raise vibrations for everybody before connecting with a spirit is to get everyone up, active and having fun together.

Put on some music and get everyone dancing. If you are doing this on your own, you can dance like nobody’s looking!

Encourage love and peace with mantra and affirmation. Go around the room and name one thing you love, and one thing you have made peace.

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Techniques To Raise Vibrations

When you are about to try to contact spirits, your vibration needs to be high.

You can use the following techniques to boost your vibrations for the connection:

Express gratitude for the things that improve your life and the lives around you.

Keep an open mind for what is to come, trusting that it will be positive.

Drop any preconceptions you have. They’re never quite right and tend to get in the way.

Maintain mental control. Thoughts become manifest, so your thoughts must be driven by your intent.

Clear negative energy in the room or home, by smudging. Citrus oils, incense or sage.

Drop your ego. The ego is continuously second-guessing, looking down on everything and otherwise getting in the way of your intuition.

Let go of control of the universe. What will be, will be and there is little you can do to change the things outside of your control.

Meditation Every Day

One essential step in raising vibrations to connect with spirits is ensuring you have a good baseline frequency before you attempt. You can achieve this by living with higher emotions.

Also, regular meditation will raise your vibration nicely.

Meditation concentrated on consciousness, love, joy and peace will all contribute greatly towards raising your vibrations high enough to attract a spirit.

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You can also use your meditation time to clear out negative thoughts, old resentments and other low-frequency emotions that lower your vibrations towards a more base state.

Remember, when it comes to contacting spirits, preparation is key.

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