Sharing a physical connection with someone is great. Sharing a soul connection with someone is even better.

But sharing a mind connection with someone is the best. Why? Because it’s your mind that connects your body and soul with you and others.

Twin flames, soul mates, kindred spirits…they all share a soul connection, yes, but in the sense that their sense is more of a one-soul than two separate souls connected to one another.

Mind connection, however, is more intense in that it connects two different minds, even if the souls are from the same energy signature (like in the case of twin flames).

Here’s how you can tell you share a mind connection with you:

You Sense Their Feelings

Whether they’re having an average version of a bad day or something worse, their minds send out negative energies all over the place, which your mind picks on instantly.

Similarly, when they experience positive feelings, you can sense that, too.

You get each other

Perhaps the most significant sign you are having the connection with someone mentally is when you both actually understand each other completely – words or no words.

Whether it’s something related to your pasts, presents or futures, you barely need to explain.

You can predict their behaviour

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Being connected to someone mentally implies you’re empathetic that is, you put yourselves in their shoes and think about handing a specific situation from there on out.

This, in turn, enables you to predict their actions and responses to a given circumstance.

You can send and receive thoughts

Telepathy is more than possible, especially if you have a mind connection with someone.

You can try it out too, in case you already haven’t. Sitting at one corner of the world, send thoughts to the one you share a mind connection with.

They are bound to know what you are thinking. It is because the invisible chords connecting you both are joining you from the points where your psychic energies emanate.

If you already don’t share these things with someone, you can still build up a mind connection with them.

That means first knowing yourself and the beautiful chaos that is your mind.

Understand Their Mind

Once you have successfully gotten in tune with your inner soul plane, it’s time to figure out the one you wish to share a mind connection with.

Get to know their likes, dislikes, habits, turn-ons, turn-offs, behavioural patterns and so on.

The human mind is much like a map. Once you figure out how to read it, you can most probably tell where or what it might lead to.

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It will take time, yes, but it isn’t out of your reach.

Once you have navigated through a mind, you know which ceilings to connect your own mind’s light bulbs onto.

Once you have identified all the dusty, empty corners in that mind, you can try building small homes in all those corners.