Every one of us is born with etheric cords.

So, what exactly are they? Colloquially known as energy cords or ribbons, these nuggets of packed energy connect you to auras, chakras and other spiritual elements.

They are extensions of your physical body, capable of aligning you with your friends, lovers and sometimes, even animals.

An intimate connection develops when an ethereal cord tethers itself to another being.

Etheric cords provide a pathway, a kind of a conduit, to tap into someone else’s energy source.etheric cord and connections

Ever wondered why sometimes you know what others are going through? What is the extent of their pain and suffering? This bubbling emotional relevancy or stinging empathic alignment is primarily because of the connection that arises as a result of a plugged etheric cord.

From the conception of a child to his demise and beyond, a mother feels eternally and profoundly connected.

This connection isn’t just inadvertent. There’s a rational explanation for it, and it’s energy cords.

How Do Etheric Cords Function?

Two lovers who are genuinely in love with each other end up creating a powerful etheric cord.

When you talk to your friends, dive deep into their sorrows, and feel immense empathy for them, your etheric cord extends out and embraces them, filling them with warmth.

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An air of understanding encompasses you both. It’s a genuinely magical phenomenon!

Etheric cords connect to different regions of the spiritual body. They can tether themselves to someone’s Root Chakra, beckoning the start of a lasting emotional connection.

In the case of lovers, etheric cords mostly target the sacral chakra, which regulates sexuality and emotions.

This wounding of cords also holds true for imaginary or celebrity crushes.

Yes, Justin Bieber fangirls, this includes you too.

After a solid connection, you will receive feeling, emotions, vulnerabilities and the whole nine yards from your cord mate.

All of this valuable information is carried to you via the energetic cord.

Then it is decoded and interpreted.

This is why sometimes you have this wild hunch that the person you’re interacting with is pure evil and you should get away from them.

Gradually, as you get to know the person better, your etheric connections strengthen.

You’re able to perceive their thoughts much more vividly.

At times, even when you are miles away from them, you might have this sixth sense that they’re having a bad day.

Cut Etheric Cords That Are Harmful To You At all Costs

Be Careful! Sometimes, the energy that flows between two cords is negative.

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The flow of energy in an energy cord is always bidirectional.

That’s why we have this heaping mess of abusive relationships and manipulative friendships.

Some people exploit the power of these energetic cords to leech the energy of others.

Symptoms Of Negative Cording

Keep on the lookout for the signs of negative cording

  • Depressive episodes
  • Nostalgic over past heartaches
  • Following their every move on social media and real life
  • Feelings of resentment, blame

We’re all a little bit too familiar with these people.

We’ve come across them many times in our life. And it’s so labouring to evade their grip because we feel so strongly connected to them.

But no matter what the circumstances are, you have to break free.

You can’t let anyone use a sacred etheric cord for all the wrong purposes.