Energy cords are strings of spiritual energy that bind us to our souls, past experiences, parents and lovers. These connections are formed in the spiritual realm, in the fourth aura layer.

Once formed, they remain intact. However, there is a chance that they might get weaker or tangled with time.

Despite popular belief, not all etheric cords of light are good. There are those that link us to manipulative people and negative thoughts.

All etheric cords associate themselves with chakra centres that sustain their existence. For instance, the cord of past experiences extracts its energy from the Crown Chakra.

Etheric Cords of Attachment

Akasha Cord

The Aka connects us to higher and lower levels of consciousness and is the pathway to higher understanding.

Through it, we send vital information, heal ourselves, and connect with the universal source.

According to the Huna tradition, the fastest way to exchange information between you and your higher consciousness is through this cord.

The Akasha cords connect us to important people, and life events. They are the reason why we stumble across soulmates in our life and undergo life-altering experiences.

These cords are divine and pure. They harmonise relationships and induce feelings of nostalgia for places we have yet to visit and the places we have left behind.

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Cord of Past Experiences

These are one of the most important cords and can be both a blessing and a curse.

They link us to our past traumas, experiences that shaped us into the person we are today, and all sorts of past experiences.

They also cause you to overthink about a certain event in the past. These cords are the reason why some people have a hard time burying their past.

However, there are ways you can purify them, and ensure that they only show you positive experiences of your life.

Through meditation, higher understanding, and spreading love, you can learn to control their effects.

Love Cords

Love cords align our paths with soulmates, twin flames, and even abusive relationships. In life, you have to understand that everything that is placed in our path is for our own betterment.

Every hurdle and burden is supposed to raise our vibration. Sometimes, we get stuck in relationships that are abusive and emotionally tolling.

We curse fate and victimise ourselves. Sure, love cords are the reason why we have such relationships, but it’s not like they have a personal vendetta against us.

They only do this to us so that we can prepare ourselves for love, for true love demands struggle and spiritual growth.

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Every relationship that turns sour teaches us a valuable lesson and equips us to understand the meaning of love better.

Parental Cords

Parental cords are the purest cords of all. As it is evident from the name, they strengthen our bond with our parents.

They help us to confide in them, give us the resolve to cherish their memory when they’re gone? All in all, form a formidable bond with them that lasts for an eternity.