Although every relationship is unique and doesn’t tend to follow a fixed path, there are levels of connection it must surpass to solidify its roots.

For instance, two lovers that are simply infatuated with each other find out after some time that their feelings for each other were merely fleeting.

They didn’t really “love” each other. It was just the hormonal shocks that deluded them into thinking so.

Some relationships are lucky enough to escape this stage and step into the realms of higher understanding and emotional endurance.

Levels of Connection in a Relationship

1. Physical Level? The Stage of Lust

In this stage, love is of a superficial nature. You are infatuated with their appearance, social status and their persona in the public space.

You have a rudimentary understanding of their personal life. You don’t know how the past has moulded them into the person they are today.

You are unaware of the defining experiences in their life. Without knowing the basis of their existence, it is impossible to attain a higher level of intimacy. And without it, true love cannot nurture.

However, this stage is emotionally exuberating. Every minute you spend with your lover is like tasting sweet syrup of infatuation.

You miss them dearly and have a magical physical connection. You check for their text a dozen times and are preoccupied continuously in their thought.

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This honeymoon stage, however, does not last. Sooner rather than later, the hormones stop fizzing, and gradually you lose interest.

2. The Landing Stage? Reality Sets In

Falling from the clouds of euphoria to the slums of normality is an emotionally tolling experience.

Reality opens your eyes to responsibilities, and the relationship starts to demand endurance.

The cloak of infatuation wears off, and your hormones no longer excite your body the way they used to. Conversations are no longer focused on “love”, rather quotidian responsibilities like “who’s paying the bills?’’.

Trust me; if you endure this stage, you are sure to cement your love. It means that you are willing to go above and beyond to stick with your lover.

Their love strengthens you to deal with the harsh aspects of life without compromising your relationship. And there’s a reason why you are willing to go through all of this.

It’s because you realise that you have something special with the other person and that they’re worth all the trouble.

3. The Spiritual Level? The Highest Level

“True love” is rare but it’s not a myth. When you reach a level when you have telepathy with the other person, your relationship has soared into spirituality.

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You stop seeking perfection in others; instead, find contentment in the original state of your lover.

You understand that your lover has flaws, imperfections and that they are bound to change and evolve with time, and yet these details do not upset you.

You feel glad that you have the honour of spending a lifetime with them, no matter what the circumstances are.