These are stressful times for all of us and it is more important than ever to know how to increase positive energy at home.

Times of high stress can be difficult to deal with, especially when those dearest to you are reacting negatively to it.

This is the kind of thing that causes negative energy to build up around the home where it can absorb into everyone’s aura.

Clearing negativity and promoting positivity is the best way to combat this.

There are several ways you can do this, and it all begins with the way you interact with the people you live with.

Increase Positive Energy At Home By Supporting Your Loved Ones

During times of the highest stress you need to be the rock that your family can cling to.

But what does it mean to be a rock in this sense?

It means that you need to be strong, stable and always there.

They may have a lot of anxiety about the situation and it is important that you listen to those fears and allow them the space to get them off their chest.

At the same time, however, you need to help them overcome those anxieties and inhabit a more positive mindset.

Remember that positivity is the main remedy to negative energy, so while some expression of anxiety can be useful and cathartic it can be dangerous to over-express these negative emotions.

Doing so can actually increase the negativity and cause everyone to spiral.

But being a rock is only one part of it. You also need to be the guiding light.

Stress and close proximity can cause boundaries to be crossed that normally wouldn’t be, and you should take it upon yourself to ensure that those boundaries are kept.

Negative behaviors like arguing, disrespect or even bullying between siblings needs to be stopped. However, you cannot solve their negative behavior by exhibiting it yourself.

Therefore, “punishment” is not really a useful tool in most circumstances (whatever form that takes).

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Instead, the emphasis should be on creating or fixing the bond between loved ones.

Rather than trying to punish an older sibling for picking on a younger one, set them a task to do together that requires co-operation and reward them for working as a team.

This is the way of positive energy and the true route to harmony at home.

Look After Your Environment to Increase Positive Energy At Home

It can be easy to let the household chores fall by the wayside for what feel like more pressing issues, but the environment that you live in has a real, tangible effect on the energy in your home.

Therefore, you should ensure that the house stays clean and tidy, with clutter cleared away and surfaces kept clean.

This is good advice all the time, but it is especially true when a boost of positive energy is needed to beat the stress.

This actually serves a dual purpose.

The first (and most obvious) is that we all absorb and reflect the energy that exists around us.

Mess, dirt and clutter are all negative energy traps that can weigh us down for as long as they are allowed to sit.

The sooner it gets done, the sooner the weight will be lifted and the better everybody will feel.

This goes for cluttered drawers and cupboards, too.

Have you ever noticed the immense sense of satisfaction you can get from turning a messy chest of drawers or kitchen cabinet into a ordered, clean storage space?

That is the weight of negative energy being replaced by the lifting force of positive light.

The other use for chores like cleaning up is to give everyone in the home something to do.

When everybody is involved in keeping the home clean and tidy, everybody treats it with more respect.

This reduces the amount of chaos in the home, keeping it clear of that negative energy.

When just one person is responsible for the chores the other family members are less appreciative of the effort that goes into it and therefore more likely to make a mess.

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This breeds tension and can lead to arguments, so make sure everybody is involved.

Scents & Oils to Increase Positive Energy At Home

There are also many scents and oils you can use to clear the negative and promote positivity in your home.

Sage, peppermint and lemon oils are all great for this purpose and can be used in diffuses or as sprays.

It is best to target the blocks in your home, such as doorways and areas where arguments have taken place.

Sage is best for clearing negativity, whereas citrus and menthol scents are more effective for promoting positivity.

Candles are great too, but they should only be used occasionally as a treat because the flames have a tendency to remove the oxygen in the room.

Promoting Positive Intent

Finally, it’s important to ensure that your family and yourself have the right mindset when facing challenges and stressful times.

It is extremely easy to fall into a bad pattern of thought when times get rough, so take time to make the effort in promoting positive thinking.

Do some fun activities together and lift the energy rather than everyone sitting on their own and just watching the television.

Remember that thoughts manifest in the world around us so when we are thinking positively we are creating a positive environment for everyone – not just for ourselves!

There will be blips in the road – little arguments and obstacles to overcome – but we are not defined by these blips.

Rather, we are defined by how react to them and the energy we meet them with.

When we fill our homes with love and affection we live our best lives.

No matter how stressful life becomes we will have the tools and the support to make it through in one piece.

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