Do you need Twin Flame protection techniques to guard you and your partner against negative energy?

We all come into contact with negative forces that mean us harm when a negative third party tries to throw a spanner in the works you need to know how to protect your relationship.

In order to do that, you need two things – knowledge and mindset.

Knowing what techniques you can use to protect your relationship from outside forces is important.

Just as important is having the right mindset so that nothing can threaten you in the first place.

The universe allows you a certain set of tools when you are united with the mirror of your soul.

Use them to keep yourselves safe from those that mean you harm and from the circumstances that might spell the end of any other relationship.

Neutral Perspective

Everything is energy.

Every object of every size is made up of atoms, each smaller than a thousandth of the width of a human hair.

Each atom vibrates at a distinct frequency, and how a group of atoms does this is called an object’s vibrational pattern.

It’s not just objects, either. Everything has energy attached to it, or it could not exist.

Even the vacuum of empty space has energy.

Energy plays a huge role in our lives. Jealousy, rage, vengeance – they’re all borne and formed from it.

As is happiness, peace, and balance. It’s all just energy.

We talk a lot about positive and negative energy, but this isn’t really true.

It can’t really be positive or negative; it just has a frequency and vibrational pattern. When we talk about it being negative, we are usually talking about low frequency.

Twin Flames are particularly sensitive to changes in their auras.

A burst of low-frequency vibrations can really throw you off if you aren’t expecting it.

Luckily, clearing your aura is a very simple process. As long as you are paying attention to your aura’s wellbeing on a regular basis, you will be able to deal with negativity in your life.

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Everybody has to deal with some negativity.

When others put their negativity onto us when we are just trying to be happy with our partner, they imprint their intentions into your aura and into the heart of your relationship.

Don’t allow others to manifest your future for you.

Humble But Powerful

Humility is a requirement for Twin Flames. Too much pride keeps you apart and is often the catalyst for separation and crisis.

Unfortunately, you can be too humble. You must also recognize your power.

Twin Flames are evolved beings, further along, the track than most people will ever get.

It is difficult for people outside of the relationship to fully understand the power of the connection between you or the powers that keep you connected.

What you have between you is an unbreakable bond.


Some people have described the “silver cord,” and it has some value as a metaphor, but the reality is the silver cord is what connects our soul with all that is.

The silver cord is what conects and secures the current of electromanetic energy from sourse into our human bodies. I beleve our soul travels with this energy out into “all”

Your connection is based on your soul’s original blueprint. The vibrational pattern that created your soul is the same one that created your Twins – and only those two were created from it.

That fact keeps you connected for eternity.

Any negative power that tries to get in the middle of that cannot be strong enough to break your bond.

You may not realize the intrinsic power of what you have. Realize it, internalize it, and see that together, you are equal to any challenge.

Set Your Intention For Twin Flame Protection

The intimacy and passion you share will naturally attract envy and cynicism.

Even the strongest mindset can’t stop all negative forces from getting to you.

For this reason, it is a good idea to set your intention for shielding.

The main reason that we recommend a daily morning meditation routine is because it gives you the opportunity to set your intention for the day.

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Use this opportunity to get some protection by setting your intention to shield your Twin Flame with love and light.

Picture your auras merged around you in a sphere.

With your mind, paint the outer layer with brilliant light. This will keep you safe from negative energy.

In order to keep that up, you will need to recharge from Source by grounding yourself to Mother Earth.

Again, in the morning meditation, you can draw power from the Earth to keep your aura vital and vibrant.

Problems Are Opportunities For Growth

There are no accidents or coincidences. At least, not really.

Everything that happens does so for a reason, and that reason is usually to help you learn something about yourself or the world we live in.

Remember how every atom is energy? At the smallest levels of the universe, this energy flows without restriction.

There really isn’t a boundary between one atom and the next; it’s all just vibrations in fields.

Everything is connected. It’s all just one big energy system.

The obstacles that present themselves to you have been connected to you for all time. They aren’t arriving now through sheer coincidence.

And that is really the one piece of Twin Flame protection that you can never lose – the knowledge that your most difficult times are worth going through because they are the most valuable.

They allow you the space to grow as a person and as a couple.

Knowing this can keep the negativity from seeping into your aura.

You’ll still feel the sadness, stress, and all the other stuff that comes with difficulties and problems, but it can’t beat you.

In a way, the most powerful protection you can ever put up is gratitude. Being grateful for the grief that allowed you to grow is difficult – but then again, isn’t that the value of it?

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