The Twin Flame journey is beautiful, arduous, and compelling.

It is the joining of two inseparable souls over the course of many intertwining lifetimes and through an unbreakable love connection.

A lot has been written about this journey.

The path for each of us is as unique as we are and attempts to codify and quantify the different parts of this karmic relationship are, while useful, somewhat lacking.

The trouble is that there are definite patterns that everyone follows a version of, but almost nobody experiences it exactly as the pattern says.

There are always unknowns, small variables that change everything.

But what we can do here is lay out what the purpose of the journey is, how it usually starts, and the general principles of moving forward along your path.

Embarking On Your Twin Flame Journey

Your journey began a long, long time ago. Long before “you” were born.

That’s the first thing we need to get out of the way.

“You” can mean a whole host of different things – but when we use the pronoun in this context, we are talking about the “higher you,” your higher self.

You can think of this as your soul if that helps make it clearer, just be aware that in reality, your higher self is much more than just a soul.

That you have been around for a very long time, living many lives in the meantime.

So has your Twin Flame, and along the way, you will have met numerous times.

You can feel this when you first meet them – they feel like an old friend, someone you care about that you haven’t seen in a very long time but who makes you feel comfortable and loved.

Your relationship began when you were both created according to an underlying soul pattern.

You can think of it as a blueprint, but in reality, it is a vibrational pattern that doesn’t make sense from a 3D perspective.

But it creates a “shared soul,” which is the source of all the weird coincidences – termed synchronicities – that occur before and after they come into your life.

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Unbreakable But Not Constant

The connection forged through this is unbreakable, and you will find yourselves drawn to each other time and time again.

You don’t achieve Union in every incarnation, though.

In fact, you may never have been with them before, and this is your first life together! It may be that you don’t meet them at all in this lifetime, outside of chance encounters.

Meeting them and recognizing them can only happen when your soul is ready.

It can take many incarnations for you to reach this level of spiritual evolution, but in this era, the number of Twin Flames that find each other is much higher than before.

This is a pattern that repeats over and over, each cycle being a step forward (hopefully) on your Journey of Souls.

Twin Flame Journey Of Souls

The purpose of this journey is not to find true love, happiness, or fulfillment.

Make no mistake, this is perfectly possible – and far more likely with them than with anyone else – but it is not the reason you were created for each other.

The purpose is to provide you with a partner with whom you can ascend to a higher dimension of consciousness.

Doing so is essential to the future of this planet and is a central goal of your higher self.

But there is no magic involved in it. You don’t just stand next to your Twin Flame, hold hands, say a special phrase and suddenly you exist as a higher being!

The journey is a process, a series of trials, challenges, and dark nights that help you become able to ascend to a higher dimension of consciousness.

The happy side effects are a great bonus, but the really important stuff is in the adversity.

You will travel – along with your destined partner – on a Journey of Souls.

That term was coined by famed scientist and hypnotherapist Michael Newton in his book of that name.

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That book provided the first concrete, quantifiable evidence of the spirit as able to be separate from the body and mind.

In collecting that evidence, he uncovered a lot about the nature of soulmates, and it chimed entirely with the concept of Twin Flames.

The nature of the journey is one of self-improvement. You work in partnership to improve upon yourselves so that you can reach a state of balance and enlightenment.

By doing this over and over again, facing each challenge within and without with vigor and determination, you cleanse your soul of the wounds of the past.

Allowing yourself to cleanse moves you towards your ideal state and your partner towards theirs.

Eventually, you will meet in the middle and ascend.

Every Twin Flame Journey Is Different

There are several stages on this journey, though the exact number is hard to pin down as people disagree on what constitutes a “stage.”

In the typical relationship it starts with Meeting, then Honeymoon, Crisis, Separation, Union, and finally Ascension.

There are other stages that sometimes play a part, but these are the main ones.

The thing is, not everybody goes through all of these stages. Some people go through some of them numerous times – especially Separation.

You might think that puts a scupper to the idea of the stages, but those stages are just a general guide to help people who are experiencing them.

They are not prescriptive; you can have a relationship without most of them.

It all depends on your specific needs.

The areas in which you need to grow and the areas in which someone else might need to develop are bound to be different, so why would your journey be the same?

And here we find the real reason that you have a Twin Flame.

They are the one person in the universe that has the soul pattern you need to make the most of yourself.

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