When a Twin Flame Chaser lets go, and surrenders within their relationship they are usually doing so because the pain of being a Chaser has become too much and they need to move forward.

Often it is done on the advice of family, friends or even psychics and other spiritual practitioners.

There are many places on the internet that will tell you that this is an important thing that you must do in order to heal.

And while the idea of letting go is an important one that is relevant to what the Chaser must do to end the Separation stage, it is advice that is given too hastily and is often not the right course of action.

We’ll talk about why the Twin Flame Chaser lets go and when this is a good idea and when it is not.

But we’ll also talk about what this means for the Runner and the future of the relationship.

Why The Twin Flame Chaser Lets Go

Separation is difficult for both partners, but it is often more difficult for the Chaser.

We often say that the Runner actually experiences more pain overall, and that is true.

The reason that it is more difficult for the Chaser is that the burden of bringing the relationship back into Union falls almost entirely on their shoulders.

There is a lot of anger and blame that comes up at this time, and this contributes to the overwhelming sense of desperation to end this period of separation.

There is only a limited amount of time that any person can deal with this kind of emotional turmoil. Eventually, there will be a breaking point.

At that breaking point is when a Chaser is best recommended to consider surrendering.

The reason that letting go is a good idea at this point is that holding on is only causing you pain.

When there is no positive to staying with them, that is when you should stop doing it.

It allows you to shed the burden of pain and focus on your own healing, which is a far more productive way of bringing you back together.

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In this way, letting go is actually the best way for them to support their Runner in the healing they need to do.

It works because you are separating from them on an energy level.

Not entirely, as that is not really possible, but enough to give both of you a break from each other’s auras.

Unattached from your anxiety, anger, and blame, they are able to concentrate on aligning their energy with yours.

When The Chaser Shouldn’t Let Go

Unfortunately, much of the advice given to Twin Flame Chasers revolves around the idea that surrender is somehow a goal that you should aim to achieve.

This often results in them letting go far too early, just when their Runner needs the most support.

The key here is intuition. If the idea of letting go is too painful, if you have to force yourself to do it then it, is too early to be doing it.

When the time is right, it will feel right – and it will be an easy thing to do, in relative terms.

There is a natural point at which you can release yourself from the burden of chasing without doing either of you harm.

That point is different for everybody, so nobody else can decide that for you, though you should, of course, listen to those around you and take their advice on board.

Before that point, you need to be working on your own issues while also providing support for your partner.

If you are experiencing distance from each other, this can be difficult, but by keeping in touch using your telepathic connection, you can help to boost their energy and help them to figure out their problems on their own.

Letting go too early means that your Runner gets less support in the first part of their healing journey, which necessarily slows the whole process down.

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What About The Runner When The Chaser Lets Go?

As a Runner, you might be a little worried when your Twin Flame Chaser lets go.

Although you have spent a reasonable amount of time running from the relationship, having them suddenly give up on chasing, you can be a bit of a shock.

That shock to your system will mark the beginning in earnest of your healing journey.

It will become more apparent to you how meaningful this relationship is and how connected you are to your partner.

It might seem like a cruel joke that you only start to realize this just as they surrender, but in reality, it is actually because they have done so that you have this epiphany.

It will also become clear that you have your own issues and problems that you need to deal with, and from here on out you are on your own.

It falls upon you as the Runner to stop running. The only way to do this is to work through the issues you have identified and bring yourself into balance.

By doing so, you can bring this part of your relationship to an end.

A trap that you need to avoid is in thinking that the roles have switched.

It isn’t the beginning of a new stage, and they are not now your Runner – this is the final leg of your journey to Union, and for the time being, you must both go through it alone.


It is a critical point in your relationship and it will decide whether you will have a chance at Union and Ascension in your lifetime.

Handled with patience, understanding, and support you can bring yourselves back to Union by establishing this extra bit of distance.

But handled hastily and with only your own interests in mind you could end up postponing this process until the next time your souls meet.

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