The false twin flame spiritual awakening comes to light as your Kundalini energy awakens and you feel the calling of your twin flame journey.

You will experience all the hallmarks of spiritual awakening with your true twin – so much so that while you are going through it, you will not be able to tell the difference.

There are subtle differences, though. And some not so subtle ones, once you are actually in the relationship.

False Twin Flame Synchronicities

The false twin flame synchronicities that you experience in the run-up to the relationship and as you progress within it are almost identical to those you will experience with your true twin.

The synchronicities are what makes this relationship so confusing for people. It feels like the real deal, all the signs are there, and the universe seems to want the two of you to be together.

You will experience synchronicities like:

  • The appearance of master number 11 in some form or another. The occurrences of this master number will be happening all the time, with common types being 11:11 and 11011.
  • Similarly, the appearance of other twin flame numbers that hold special meaning for your journey.
  • The revelation that you have been in many of the same places at the same time, yet never met. You think if you had have met, you might not have gotten together.
  • You had similar childhoods, especially the problematic bits. You will find that you share many of the same traumas and hang-ups from childhood.
  • There will be symbolic nudges like images of love and relationships that seem to show up whenever you are thinking about them. It’s like just picturing them brings out the love in the world around you.
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There are many other synchronicities, but those are the most common – and they are common to both types of relationship.

For that reason, you can’t know which type of karmic partner you have found until you are actually in the relationship and can see through the façade.

False Twin Flame Characteristics

While the synchronicities might be eerily similar, the false twin flame characteristics couldn’t be more different from those of your true twin.

Common characteristics of false twins include:

  • Obsessions with the past, especially ex-partners and old arguments. They love to bring up the past to throw it in your face.
  • They have an emotional distance and an unwillingness to connect.
  • They show an inability or unwillingness to engage with your spiritually. You will start to stagnate, feeling as though you are not making any spiritual progress at all.
  • Selfishness. You will see that they care about themselves and what they get out of the relationship – what you want or feel does not matter to these fakers, and they make that clear.
  • Jealousy, especially of people from your past.
  • Commitment issues.

As soon as you begin to notice these characteristics, you are ready to move on from this relationship.

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You have had a dry run and hopefully learned a lot along the way.

Now it is time to move on to the spiritual awakening that ushers in your next journey – the genuine twin flame relationship.

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