Looking out for false twin flame signs is the best way to know if your actual twin flame is getting close.

Spotting the signs of this type of karmic partner can help you to move past this toxic relationship and on towards your twin soul.

The trouble with spotting them is that they do such an excellent job of imitating your real twin.

But there are signs that you can look out for if you suspect you are with your false twin flame. Here are the most common ones:

False Twin Flame Sign 1: Energy Sapping

The first sign you might notice is that they tend to sap your energy.False Twin Flame Signs - woman with false twin flame

This energy loss causes you to feel tired, sluggish, stressed, and/or depressed when you are around them.

Your true twin will fill you with the energy to take on the world, but your false twin saps your energy and burdens you with the negative energy they put out.

They’re doing this on a subconscious level. These thieves haven’t got the spiritual bedrock needed to gain energy from Source, so they have to leech energy from others.

False Twin Flame Sign 2: Emotional Distance/Unavailability

Your false twin flame will be emotionally distant or unavailable much of the time.

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Your false twin flames lack of interest in you flies in the face of what they are supposed to want.

You are supposed to be able to be emotionally raw and vulnerable with each other without embarrassment, so your partner being emotionally shut off from you is a big red flag.

If you don’t connect on an emotional level, then you are not with your twin flame.

This type of connection comes easily with your true twin, and it’s something your false twin’s old wounds won’t allow them to do.

3: Abuse, Lies & Manipulation

Abuse lies, and manipulation characterizes the false twin flame relationship.

Your false twin relies on you for their energy and will stop at nothing to keep you under their control.

Again, often subconsciously.

There is no purpose for abuse, deception, or manipulation. The relationship is built on teamwork, mutual progress, and shared spiritual goals.

4: Doubt & Confusion

One of the most beautiful things about meeting your twin flame is the certainty that you hold about them.

When you meet them, you will be sure of who they are. As time goes on, you will only grow more confident about the place this relationship has in your life.

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If you are experiencing doubt or confusion over your twin flame, then you may not be in a relationship with your true twin.

5: You Still Have Old Wounds

Finally, you will not meet your twin flame until all of your old wounds have healed and replaced with love memories.

If you find yourself in a relationship like this and you still have old wounds to heal, then you are probably with your false twin.

These old wounds might be the reason you are in this relationship.

By recognizing them, you can fix them.

By healing your past hurts and understanding that this false twin flame will bring you through to the love and light of the real twin flame relationship.

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